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4th October, 2023

Peking Duk and MYOB: A day to remember

It’s a shell of a tale of music and gastronomy, the likes of which we’ve never before seen.

Making a bang in Bondi, Peking Duk launched their new business venture, Escar-on-the-go, amid a beachy backdrop, and we’ve been living high on the event’s success ever since.

While unveiling their innovative project, the dynamic duo made Bondi Pavilion an epicentre of delectable delights and sizzling sounds.

Under a cloudless blue sky, the boys were slinging hot, buttery snails into the mouth holes of hundreds of guests.

The setting at Bondi for Peking Duk and MYOB

Snailed it!

Why snails, you ask?

Well, why not? The lads were keen to show budding entrepreneurs how even the most far-fetched business ideas can be brought to life with a healthy dose of MYOBelieve.

And while the food truck was a one-off event, it was absolutely one to remember!

The slimy morsels sold out in hours, leaving those who missed out crawling back into their shells.

Delivering a legendary live performance, Rueben and Adam brought their chart-topping beats to Sydney’s sandy shores.

Adam discarded the festival getup for his kitchen apron while Rueben donned a chef hat both in the truck and on the decks.

It’s a weird flex, we know, a DJ duo teaming up with MYOB, but it got your attention.

The event brought together the best of both worlds, combining Peking Duk’s musical prowess with their newly MYOB inspired entrepreneurship.

 “So many people have great ideas, but they never come to fruition because it’s so daunting,” Adam says.

We know that one in three Aussies have a business idea that never gets off the ground.

For Adam and Reuben, their hope is their legacy as MYOBelievers will inspire budding business ideas to move beyond the kick-on dreaming stage.

“It’s about having a crack; it’s about having that belief. At MYOB, we really believe in just taking a leap of faith and taking that idea into reality, just like the boys have done,” MYOB chief executive Paul Robson says.

MYOB chef executive Paul Robson with Peking Duk's Adam and Reuben.
MYOB chef executive Paul Robson tries some of the snaily delights cooked up by Peking Duk’s Adam and Reuben.

Finding the right ingredients

So what was Peking Duk’s recipe for success?

A cup of self-belief, folded into a layer of business management platform, whisked with newfound culinary skills, and then baked under the heat of a perfect Bondi day.

The result? A smash-hit event all who attended will be sure to remember.

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