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30th August, 2023

Let’s serve these suckers up

You helped us dub Peking Duk’s food truck “Escar-on-the-go”; it’s being built and customised, chock-full of snaily delights.

Now, help us choose what shells Peking Duk should sell.

With his movements unknown to Reuben and in true self-believing style, Adam has been wandering around Joshua Tree National Park, California, searching for culinary inspiration. 

Everyone knows the greatest food truck ideas are out in the desert, and Adam’s been rubbing sandy shoulders with the best of the best.

Researching the latest shelly food trends, learning about advances in food truck engineering and testing variations of slimy delights for that perfect gooey goodness texture.

@pekingduk ESCAR-ON-THE-GO for @myob 🚚 You helped us with our name. Now help us decide how to serve these suckers up. Hit our link in bio to vote on the menu. Bondi Shells – Classic French escargot Slow ‘n’ Steady Pasta – Spaghettini style Slaw Down – French brioche Voting closes 5 pm on 3 Sept #Ad #MYOB #MYOBelieve #EscarOnTheGo ♬ original sound – Peking Duk

It’s time to vote!

For Adam and Reuben, the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking these bad boys up.

But Adam passed on some wise words from fellow desert nomad foodie entrepreneur Jeremiah, owner of Cactus Crabshack.

He said, “Keep your menu item count low, select a small range of dishes and keep perfecting it.. that is your path to shell-cess.”

So the boys have narrowed it down to three options.

Don’t be shell-fish, help us prep the kitchen for the roasting of these low-paced land molluscs and vote on the options below.

🍴 Bondi Shells – Classic French escargot sautéed with garlic and herb butter

🍴 Slow ‘n’ Steady Pasta – Spaghettini tossed with escargot, black truffle, butter emulsion, parsley and parmesan

🍴 Slaw Down – French brioche featuring classic slaw salad, escargot, black sesame dressing, coriander, chilli, cabbage and snow peas

You have never thought so deeply about snails before, have you? Well, get thinking …

Hit this LINK to vote on how you want these slippery suckers served up.

Voting ends at Voting closes 5pm on 3 September.

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