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19th April, 2024

MYOB sponsors awards for Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers

On day 2 of Australian Manufacturing Week in Sydney, @AuManufacturing hosted a breakfast awards event to celebrate the 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers in Australia.

It’s for everybody

MYOB was lead sponsor of the event, which was themed ‘It’s for everybody’, to reflect the need for innovation across all businesses.

Bruce Minty, Senior Product Manager at MYOB, was on a panel of five judges who reviewed the nominations.

“It was an absolute privilege to be a judge at this event,” Bruce says. “There is so much exciting work happening across the country.

“Seven of the top 10 manufacturers are, in fact, using world-first technology. And outside of the top 50, we identified eight more companies for high commendation.”

While the top 10 were largely high tech, high value companies with a clear focus on research and development, there is considerable diversity in Australia’s $100 billion a year manufacturing sector.

Digital transformation is an important first step for all manufacturers, Bruce says, and will provide the platform for the use of new and emerging technologies.

Changes shaping the industry

Speaking with @AuManufacturing on a podcast ahead of the event, Bruce spoke about the changes shaping the industry.

He cited an MYOB survey that identified manufacturers’ expectations for the industry over the next five years.

“The number one expectation is for increased automation of business processes and workflows over the next five years”, Bruce says.

He says this is closely followed by 43% of respondents expecting more competition in the sector.

“That’s partly because of government grants and potentially more manufacturers coming back to Australia because of global supply chain disruptions.”

The number three expectation was that there would be more acquisition or vertical integrations in the sector.

“Manufacturers acquire businesses to take ownership and control over their value chain, resulting in a more diverse business model,” Bruce says.

An enterprise resource planning system such as MYOB Advanced Manufacturing can help businesses move with the times and successfully navigate changing market dynamics.

“All businesses need solid foundations to be able to innovate,” Bruce says. “Huge congratulations to all the winners.”

Australia’s 50 most innovative manufacturers 2024

Top 10 Gold Award

  • BluGlass
  • Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing
  • BlockTexx
  • Valiant Space
  • Artyra
  • Russell Mineral Equipment
  • Ampcontrol
  • Amiga Engineering
  • Sleeptite
  • FLAIM Systems

Top 50 Silver Award

  • Convergence Medical
  • Resourceful Living
  • Integra Systems
  • IonOpticks
  • DroneShield
  • Bygen
  • SciDev
  • Atlas Soils
  • Contactile
  • HEO
  • Bio-Gene Technology
  • ClearVue Technologies
  • Packserv
  • Bodd
  • NH Micro
  • Evolve Group
  • Hysata
  • Tekt Industries
  • MicroTau
  • Viatris Australia
  • Australian Turntable Company
  • Capricorn Power
  • AMSL Aero
  • Element Engineering Australia
  • Hazer Group
  • Furnace Engineering
  • First Graphene
  • Solidteknics
  • Rockfield Technologies Australia
  • Transmutation
  • Branach Manufacturing
  • Wireman
  • Boswell Technologies
  • Veratin
  • Sdip Innovations
  • Saber Astronautics

Highly Commended

  • Scimita Ventures
  • Eco Detection
  • BioCarbon
  • Eco Surfaces Australia
  • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
  • Gekko Systems
  • PFi

Category winners

  • Industrial Solutions Award: BluGlass
  • Startup Award: Valiant Space
  • Export Award: Russell Mineral Equiment
  • Decarbonisation Award: Ampcontrol
  • Defence Award: Amiga Engineering
  • Collaborative R&D Award: Sleeptite

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