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12th October, 2022

Invoice payments just got easier with MYOB and Apple Pay

MYOB adds Apple Pay to online invoices, making it quicker and easier than ever for clients to pay you anywhere, anytime.

Invoicing. It’s one of the first activities a new business must come to terms with as they begin booking clients and seeking payment for their products and services.

Traditionally, raising, sending, chasing payment and reconciling invoices adds up to a significant administrative burden – one which MYOB’s Online Invoice Payments addresses through automation and a secure payment gateway.

And now, with the addition of Apple Pay, Online Invoice Payments is more powerful than ever.

Invoice payments are going mobile

Your customers are already using their smartphones to complete invoice payments. In fact, according to MYOB usage data, almost half (43 percent) of users who click ‘Pay Now’ on an online invoice do so from their mobile.*

Industry data also shows nearly half of all Aussie consumers have used Apple Pay to pay for goods and services in the past 12 months, making it the clear preference for payments.

Get paid up to 3 times faster**

By adding Apple Pay to the list of payment options in MYOB’s Online Invoice Payments, there’s even less reason for your customers to hold off on making a payment.

And with these payments optimised for mobile devices and single-click payment available from your customer’s digital wallet, the process becomes practically frictionless for the payer.

That means Online Invoice Payments not only makes it faster and easier for you to raise, send and track invoices, your clients and customers can now pay you at the tap of a button.

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No setup required, get started today

For MYOB users who have already set up Online Invoice Payments, there’s no additional work required to enable this feature.

Apple Pay is automatically added to your online invoices for those customers using a compatible iOS device.

Plus, using this option costs no more than if your customers used a credit card, debit card or BPAY– all payment options attract the same, competitive rate of 1.8 percent plus 25 cents per transaction.

If you have an existing subscription for MYOB Business or MYOB Essentials (New), but aren’t already using Online Invoice Payments, registering is easy (please note: experience may vary between products).

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Not on MYOB yet? No worries

Whether you’re new to business or looking to streamline your business management systems, MYOB Business helps you look professional from the start by adding a secure payments gateway to online invoices.

You’ll find it easier to automatically reconcile invoice payments with your bank feed — meaning time saved on boring admin. Plus, MYOB’s invoice payment reminders take the hassle out of chasing payments.

And that’s just for invoicing. MYOB Business is a business management platform that brings together core processes including employee management, inventory and more.

Discover a better way to do business with MYOB Business. Start your FREE trial today

Applications for invoice payments are subject to approval. Fees apply when clients pay their invoices with invoice payments 1.8% + 0.25c per transaction (including GST). No monthly fees or set up fees apply. Rate applies to both card, BPAY and Apple Pay transactions. View our full Terms and Conditions here.

*Based on MYOB internal data analysing a sample of 315,814 online payment requests from 13/06/2022 to 11/09/2022.

**Based on a sample of 2 million MYOB invoices between August 2019 and July 2020 on days to payment for invoices paid via online invoice payments versus non online invoice payment invoices.

***If you decide to toggle on surcharging, you will continue to be charged for all transactions settled to you on your monthly invoice. These fees will be paid to MYOB, while your customer pays the surcharge amount to you. Surcharging your customers is your decision and is subject to limitations and restrictions under applicable consumer law. You can surcharge customers up to your cost of acceptance, however, you are not required to do so. MYOB makes no recommendation regarding whether you should surcharge your customers. Visit the ACCC website here to find out more about surcharging and your obligations.