Certified Consultants


13th April, 2018

Certified Consultants stand out from the crowd with MYOB

MYOB’s new partner accreditation program also offers participants practical ways to grow their business.

Until now, the main benefit of becoming an MYOB Certified Consultant was to get a deep insight into the use of MYOB technologies and to promote that fact to clients. And for hundreds of business consultants,  it seems to be working.

“I’ve been a Certified Consultant for over 10 years and used MYOB software for my clients for almost 20 years,” said Leanne Berry, founder of bookkeeping and advisory business Love Your Numbers.

“My business is built on the relationship I have with MYOB and the fantastic products and services they offer to me and my clients.”

But according to MYOB’s Head of Partnerships Simon Dennis, a recently launched accreditation program is plumbing new depths in forging meaningful business relationships.

“There are over 1000 MYOB Certified Consultants across Australia and New Zealand that benefit by demonstrating their relationship and expertise with our software,” he told The Pulse. “But we’ve found a way to give even more back.”

New certification, new benefits

Not only has Dennis and the MYOB Partner Program team redesigned the certification’s delivery, they also created a way for participants to grow their revenue.

“The great news for our partners is that anyone who becomes a Certified Consultant will automatically receive a profile in our Partner Search directory, offering access to thousands of potential new clients.”

“We’ll also be offering free, or heavily discounted, tickets to attend industry events and Partner Conferences to create even more networking opportunities.”

And while the criteria to enter the program are relatively high, Dennis explains this works to lift the credibility of those who qualify.

“Certified Consultants need to regularly update and maintain their accreditation, and this builds the value of the certification in the eyes of potential clients. And for existing Certified Consultants, re-certifying and updating your knowledge is relatively easy and doesn’t come at any extra cost.”

Custom training for every consultant’s needs

In delivering the new Certified Consultant program completely online, MYOB can tailor its content to meet the needs of individual consultants.

“Our new courses include modules that are relevant for different consultants according to their scope of practice,” Dennis said. “This content was developed to make sure our partners can maintain, develop, update and enhance their knowledge, skills and, ultimately, their business performance.

“Even better, every learning module is clearly marked according to the time commitment required, meaning our partners can learn at their preferred pace.”

Get started!

If you’d like to join MYOB’s Certified Consultants program, you’ll need to make sure you qualify. There are specific criteria for Australian consultants and New Zealand consultants.

If you meet the criteria and want to learn more, contact your Partner Manager directly on 1300 555 117 (AU) or 0800 69 62 72 (NZ), or complete the online application form.