ATO launches PLS checklist

9th June, 2016

In preparation for the brave new world of electronic lodgment, the ATO has released its checklist for getting Practitioner Lodgement Service (PLS) ready.

In the ATO’s own words: “The practitioner lodgment service (PLS) is the new channel allowing you to lodge forms electronically.”

As you’re no doubt aware, the PLS replaces the electronic lodgment service (ELS), which will be retired on 31 March 2017. And much like the rollout for SuperStream, you can start lodging via PLS whenever you (and your software provider) are ready.

If you’re using a current MYOB practice solution in your practice, PLS capability is already built into your software. Here’s more on software compatibility from our earlier blog introducing the PLS:

PLS capability is already built into our current software solutions – both online and desktop – so your practice will NOT need to install anything specifically to enable the PLS as long as you’re using up-to-date software.

As and when the ATO indicates a green light status, we will help you switch to PLS.

In fact for most* MYOB AO/AE practices, the activation of the PLS will be made even easier because they will be able to take advantage of “Cloud Authentication” (replacement for AUSkey technology).

The practice simply completes a one-off registration process for each registered Agent with the ATO, via ATO’s Access Manager, nominating MYOB as their authorised lodgment method. How easy’s that? You can read a bit more about Authorising MYOB on our HELP site.

* Your practice must be using the latest AO/AE platform for this statement to be true. If your practice has not moved to the latest AO/AE platform, you’ll still be able to lodge using SBR technology, but the activation process requires more action and is more complex to maintain. It requires AUSkey setups and ongoing management. This is an ATO requirement.