Are you a growing business? See how these MYOB success stories managed growth

17th May, 2017

Managing growth

It sounds strange, but if you start out small, growth can creep up on you, and you can get stuck in the small business mindset even if you’re really medium-sized.

If you’re bigger than you thought, or if you’ve got aspirations to grow, you need to set yourself up for future success.

That means making decisions now that will help your business grow sustainably in the future.

You might have created the greatest widget on the market, but if you don’t have the processes and systems in place to get that widget to your customers, or you don’t really understand your costs, you won’t be in business for long.

Those little problems that are easy to solve when you are selling 300 widgets will get a whole lot more complicated when you sell 300,000.

By putting systems and processes in place early on, or knowing which growing pains to look out for you’ll be better prepared for continual growth, and you’ll be set up to transition through the different business stages.

Partnering with MYOB on your business journey

When you’re just starting out, many of your decisions will come down to cost – and packages like MYOB Essentials are a great cost-effective solution that are ideal for smaller businesses.

But as your business grows in size and things get more complicated, your needs are definitely going to change. The benefit of working with MYOB is that we’ve got you covered no matter your size or complexity.

MYOB has a whole range of solutions to suit your business right along the growth curve.

From simple accounting and inventory management in the early days, right through to sophisticated cost management and ERP.

Many of our customers have been using MYOB from the beginning, and stuck with us as they grew and changed, and we’re really proud of their success.

Here’s why MYOB works for them:

A growth dilemma at Early Settler

Rapid sales growth is a great problem to have, but when business took off at Early Settler, they found themselves swamped in data from the massive volume of customer transactions.

They knew their data was full of great information that could help grow their business even more – but making sense of it would require more data-processing capacity than they were getting from MYOB Premier.

With MYOB Exo, Early Settler got the robust, large-scale capability their rapidly growing business demanded.

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Flexibility and freedom at Woolcock Group

It’s a juggling act to manage a group of businesses, particularly when they span multiple locations and industries.

As Woolcock Group grew and became increasingly complex, their needs changed.

While MYOB Premier was a cost-effective solution and the team loved working with it, they were ready to move to a cloud-based system that could be accessed from anywhere.

Their multi-entity structure also needed a more flexible tool, and with MYOB Advanced they found that flexibility.

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Finding custom solutions at Arcadia

When IT and distribution business Arcadia started out, they used MYOB Premier, along with a number of spreadsheets and some calculated ‘guesstimating’.

Eventually they outgrew that approach, and needed a way to factor non-accounting metrics into their business management systems.

After thoroughly researching the market for potential solutions, Arcadia settled on MYOB Exo, primarily because it could be customised to effectively meet their unique business requirements.

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Greatness grows from little things – seemingly small decisions today can be the backbone of big growth tomorrow. By choosing to work with MYOB, you are setting yourself up for business growth.

No longer a small business? Want to consider preparing for growth? Already experiencing business growing pains?

We have a team of experts that are happy to discuss how you can prime yourself for growth – get in touch today.