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You need some unique qualities to succeed in retail. Ambition and a mind for planning ahead are two of the most important. At MYOB we have helped all sorts of retailers do business better and grow bigger. Like Early Settler to name but one. That’s because we understand that with thousands upon thousands of transactions and increasing volumes of data, retailers need a robust Enterprise Resource Planning system that can handle what’s happening right now and have the potential to grow with the business.

Early Settler


Established in Victoria in 1985, Early Settler has grown to now be one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most recognised furniture brands, with more than 30 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2005, the Early Settler and Recollections brands merged to become ESR Group Holdings Pty Ltd – a company that could offer an even greater range of styles from a wide variety of quality new and recycled timbers.

Early Settler

A good system that reached its full potential

Early Settler found themselves with a bit of a dilemma. A problem that was in fact a good one to have, but nonetheless a problem. Business was growing but with that growth came the problem of many more customer transactions, rapidly increasing volumes of data to process and analyse, and ultimately the need to find a more robust system that could handle all of the current demands as well as those of a growing business.

"We wanted to be able to bring our history across from MYOB Premier, rather than run two parallel systems for years to come."

Upgrading from MYOB Premier to MYOB Exo

Early Settler had already worked successfully with MYOB Premier for many years but the decision to move up to MYOB Exo was not automatic. They assessed several replacement systems against the same criteria. The cost represented good value for money and the ability of MYOB Exo to easily integrate with a number of retail stores – run with specialised retail software – made Early Settler’s choice easy. Add to this the ability to bring the full history of data across from Premier and there was no competition.

"Being able to double click and drill down for more information means you can keep an eye on what’s going on across the business – without having to dig around to find what you’re looking for."
Early Settler
Early Settler

Improvements for today, compatibility for tomorrow

MYOB Exo has played a big part in Early Settler’s continued growth. The implementation of the system was really easy; including sessions to train all of the staff in the move across from MYOB Premier. Importantly, there is now greater visibility around purchase orders which allows Early Settler to have a better idea of what’s likely to be owing in the next week or two, a vital part of any retailer’s budgeting and forecasting. Also, the ability to have a complete view of the business in a few keystrokes has made growth planning easier than ever before.

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Fast facts


  • A system that was feeling the strain of a growing business
  • Lack of visibility over changing purchase orders
  • Inability to access data quickly and easily


  • A seamless transition, including ongoing staff training
  • Scalability which allows for future growth
  • Value for money continuing to help the bottom line

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