A quick start on digital marketing for MYOB Partners

21st September, 2016

MYOB has gotten together with Bizink to present the Marketing Quickstarter – a series of free online marketing workshops for MYOB Partners to take your skills to the next level and grow your business.

I’m an accountant, why would I care about digital marketing?

There are six components of this shiny new digital business world we live in that you need to master. Six concepts that – not so long ago – simply didn’t exist.

Don’t believe me? Think about the following terms and then think … was I using these 20 years ago? Ten years ago? Even five years ago?

  • API integrations, information architecture and mobile optimisation
  • Content curation (vs creation and collation)
  • Tweets, hashtags and follow-backs
  • Email blasts, opt-ins and drip marketing
  • Search, both organic and paid
  • Lead magnets, nurture and conversions

I don’t need to worry about social media stuff

Don’t think you need to know about these things? I think it’s critical to know how your clients interact with you and your practice; how prospects might find you (or not find you, as the case may be); why other firms can attract the attention your long-term clients away from you; how to stand out from the competition – regardless of your role.

This is the language of business today. Not tomorrow, today. Not someone else’s industry – your industry. This is the language of accounting firms and bookkeeping practices doing business.

The six components of the digital age

The six fundamental components of the digital age that affect you today are:

So how do you get across these digital marketing terms, these concepts? Where do you begin? That bit’s easy.

Join the Marketing Quickstarter online marketing workshops

The Marketing Quickstarter online marketing workshops for MYOB Partners will cover the basics of what you need to know. Bizink CEO Matt Wilkinson will present the workshops, bringing his many years of expertise in helping accountants stand out online.

Even if you can’t make the live session, I urge you to register anyway. Matt and his team will send you a recording of the session you’ve registered for.

Don’t pass this opportunity up. There are loads of cool goodies you get from each session. For example, when you register for the social media workshop, you get a social media pack to get you going with blogs and posts. Attend the website basics workshop and you get a free website audit. And an SEO audit when you join the search engine marketing session.

Find out more and register for the sessions today. Visit