Video content marketing strategy


6th March, 2019

4 video content marketing hacks for business professionals

Today, almost everyone can create powerful video content, but few get it right. For businesses seeking to share their message, understanding how to cut through with their video content marketing strategy is critical for success.

When it comes to marketing strategies for SMEs, creating original (and useful) content can play an integral role in sending out a business’s message – and out of all the types of content that can be published, video content is a highly effective way for small-to-medium businesses and sole traders to reach the right audiences and create high levels of brand awareness.

Before exploring video content and how best to maximise its use, it’s important to understand what content marketing is all about.

Content is (the new) king

While those in finance will tell you “cash is king”, those in marketing would argue there’s a new king on the block, with content creation rising to become an extremely valuable asset for businesses of all sizes and types.

As people who live in the age of the information revolution, we’re always scrolling our way through various media platforms and looking to watch, read or listen to something new and interesting that can give us some sort of value.

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Now that useful content has become such a staple in the information diet, businesses have been exploring ways through which they can offer this type of value to potential customers, and indirectly (or sometime even directly) create brand awareness and lead generation as a result of this content-led activity.

But you never get a second chance at a first impression. With huge amounts of content available, viewers will have no mercy if they don’t like what you’ve put in front of them – so creating original, valuable and relevant content is crucial if you’re looking to build a good reputation.

Video content production

There are so many different types of content that can be published and used to create brand traction. Writing blog posts and articles have always been popular, and good images can tell over a thousand words about your brand – but lately, the success of video content production has proven to be an effective way to get your message across.

But what’s so good about video?

Well, there are many reasons why video content has proven to be so effective, but according to String Nguyen, Founder of Stringstory Media, video content’s primary advantage is the fact that it combines words with imagery and sound, which can give the viewer an all-encompassing and holistic viewing experience.

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Nguyen believes that broadcasting a message through video content allows SMEs to “personalise their message” by using body language and conveying tone, which gives them the ability to “show that they are a true expert” in their field.

After all, they say that 70 percent of communication is non-verbal and can normally be seen through body language – something that cannot be done through other forms of content.

4 tips and hacks to maximise video content

Nguyen explains that there are a number of ways that, if done correctly, the video content can be maximised and appreciated by a great deal of viewers.

1. Keep video content short and sweet

The first tip Nguyen offers is, when it comes to video content creation, you need to be there for a good time, not a long time.

In order to ensure that your message is delivered in the best possible way, Nguyen recommends that the video “is kept succinct” and that “less that two minutes is the sweet spot” for video content marketing.

2. Add captions

The biggest challenge that comes along with any content creation is the ability to maintain the attention of the person consuming your content.

This being the case, Nguyen’s next video content hack is to add captions (subtitles) to your content.

Captions help the viewer stay focused throughout the entire video, making them less likely to just scroll past your content even if they have their volume off.

3. Give it some personality

Nguyen goes on to say a sure way to maximise video content reach is by “adding your own personal touch”.

Everyone is unique in their own way and If you can add your own stroke of personality to what you’re producing, people are far more likely to give it their full attention and come back for more.

4. Include LinkedIn in your video content marketing strategy

Ever since it started allowing for users to publish video content on its platform, LinkedIn has become a very effective place for SMEs to share their message in this format.

Nguyen, who was named a ‘Top Voice’ on LinkedIn for the last two years, explains that the reason why LinkedIn has been gaining so much video content traction recently is because it’s “filled with people who are craving to learn” – making video content extremely popular.

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So, if you can keep your message succinct, add attention-grabbing techniques and make the it personal, professionals of the LinkedIn community and beyond are all ready and waiting to engage with your video content marketing.