10 Twitter accounts Australian business owners should follow today

23rd August, 2017

It’s easy to get distracted by Twitter, but the savvy business owner can still draw value from their feed by discovering, digesting and delivering useful content.

On Twitter, discovering useful content means following the right accounts.

Twitter today

Back in 2012, more than 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day.

Back then, The Pulse recommended these 10 Twitter accounts that business owners should follow – and they’re still relevant today (especially the @MYOB account!).

Five years later, it’s clear that Twitter is still a great place for anyone to learn from and connect with others in real-time, and we thought it was high time we update the list.

So, whether personal or business-owned, these Twitter accounts are fonts of wisdom – from which you should glean plenty of useful knowledge (in no particular order).

Startup Daily Startup Daily (@StartupDailyANZ)

When the original version of this post was written, Startup Daily had only been on Twitter for a year. At the time of writing this update, the account has 17,200 followers and climbing.

The popularity of this account reflects the quality content produced on the Startup Daily website from the likes of Mat Beeche and Gina Baldasarre (who are also worth following, if you can spare the clicks).

Startup Daily will provide you a regular stream of startup news, insights and business case studies, direct to your feed.

Mike Cannon-Brookes Mike Cannon-Brookes (@mcannonbrookes)

The billionaire co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based software company Atlassian is an Aussie success story, and Mike Cannon-Brookes continues to inspire on social media.

Following his Twitter account offers a different perspective on this serial entrepreneur – his interests and politics – while you’ll also learn about what’s hot in the world of venture capitalism.

Annie Parker Annie Parker (@annie_parker)

Like Cannon-Brookes, Annie Parker is a serial entrepreneur who has staked her claim in tech, having founded the Telstra-backed accelerator muru-D and kids education initiative Code Club Australia.

Straddling the intersection of business, not-for-profit and tech, Parker’s Twitter account shines a light on how to do innovation in education and beyond.

Jim Stanford Jim Stanford (@JimboStanford)

Author and economist Jim Stanford has amassed a following of some 13,600-odd followers. While local businesspeople will benefit from his insight and analysis on the local economy, his involvement with the Centre for Future Work provides another layer of interest.

Regardless of whether you’re an employer or an employee, looking to the job market of tomorrow is increasingly important for all.

Valerie Khoo Valerie Khoo (@valeriekhoo)

As a great writer and business leader, Valerie Khoo has an invaluable understanding of content, communication and commerce. Her Twitter account is proof, sharing piles of practical posts on a smorgasbord of topics, including links to posts on writing, photography and business culture – all handy tidbits for the budding entrepreneur.

Productivityist Productivityist (@Productivityist)

Founded by Canadian writer and speaker Mike Vardy, Productivityist is designed to provide anyone with the tools they need to improve, regardless of what it is they do.

Whether you want tips on how to streamline, simplify or increase the amount of work you do, following this account will help you double down on using the internet to your benefit.

The Financial Diet The Financial Diet (@TFDiet)

This website proclaims to ‘talk about money because [they] know you don’t want to’.

While this isn’t true of us at MYOB, The Financial Diet certainly has a knack for taking dry fiscal concerns and making them palatable for anyone to sink their teeth into.

Follow this account for personal and business financial advice (without risk of falling asleep at your desk).

Tim Burrowes Tim Burrowes (@mumbrella)

Founded in 2008, Tim Burrowes’ media and marketing trade publication Mumbrella has quickly earned its place as an integral resource for business owners.

This Twitter account almost exclusively shares links from the Mumbrella website, but even if you’re in the ‘we don’t need to do marketing’ camp, following the latest news and trends in the marketing industry will give you an edge on the competition and prepare you for the day that a serious marketing investment becomes your reality.

Todd Sampson Todd Sampson (@toddsampsonOZ)

The Canadian-born businessman and TV personality has made a name for himself in the world of marketing psychology, but his Twitter feed contains a touch of just about everything.

From tips on improving your mental health to improving your advertising campaigns, Sampson combines science, art and business in a way that’s accessible and informative.

ATO Australian Tax Office (@ato_gov_au)

Assuming you’re already following @MYOB, the only way you can be kept more up to date on tax law, super and more is to go straight to the source: the ATO’s own Twitter account.

Far from being complicated, dry updates on the vagaries of our tax system, the ATO’s content team works hard to produce bits and bites that are easy to understand and highly compelling.

Following the ATO should be a no-brainer for any businessperson.

It doesn’t end here

There’s no way to provide an exhaustive list of useful accounts to follow on Twitter, so don’t stop here.

Discovering new and interesting voices on social media can be a productive practice in small doses, and by engaging in the global conversation you could soon find yourself on the radar of others.

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