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SuiteBox, the private, secure, video meeting solution for professionals

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SuiteBox transforms customer interaction with intuitive video and telephony, document collaboration, selective recording and real-time signing, helping you accelerate and close business using the full power of mobile and desktop devices.

At the center of the offering is the SuiteBox heartbeat - a unique patented capability which allows participants to collectively review, edit and grant control over digital documents, and to sign on-screen with embedded authentication paving the way for truly electronic business process management and regimented compliance.

From within SuiteBox, you can organize and initiate secure video meetings, share digital assets such as documents, video, photos and web information and electronically sign documents, regardless of what device you are using. You can record all or parts of the meeting saving video and documents into CRM or to your chosen document store.

Now you can truly engage your customers in the business conversation, you save time and improve results.

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