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Sales Pulse

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CRM, without too much M. CRM solutions fail because reps don’t use them. Sales Pulse simplifies CRM, enabling reps to focus on the relationships and leads that matter most to their sales quota. Enjoy targeted opportunities that leverage real-time insights into customer trends, journeys, and behaviours.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB EXO Business

Sales Pulse is designed for every member of your sales team as well as your wider business. From insights on growth, to tracking team performance, to having the right customer insights, Sales Pulse gives each role the sales platform they need.

For Sales Reps:
Catch opportunities when they’re ripe and maximise the potential value of every engagement. Gain insight into the information you need to win back lost opportunities with offers they can’t resist.

For Sales Managers:
Keep your sales reps motivated and proactive with leaderboards. Know that your team has the insight needed to make every meeting count and reduce the number of customers lost due to lack of contact.

For Business Owners:
Keep pace with your sales team’s efforts and actions. Strategise on new revenue opportunities and SKU expansion by leveraging a clear view of customer purchase behaviours at the product level.

Flag leads before they fizzle
When managing customers at scale, it can be easy to overlook opportunities. Sales Pulse simplifies lead management with a triaged, prioritised action list. This empowers reps to focus on the leads most likely to convert, based on when a customer would usually order.

The Sales Pulse action list simplifies lead management by categorising leads based on ordering patterns, offering a clear, prioritised pathway for engagement.

- Reminders: alerting reps when a regular order is overdue, turning potential oversights into engagement opportunities.
- Win-Back: identifying customers past their typical order period, highlighting high-value re-engagement potential.
- Upsell: preparing for upcoming reorders with informed product suggestions, perfectly timed for maximum impact.

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