Shopify sync for MYOB EXO

Building a Shopify site that’s functional, beautiful, and capable of handling your sales traffic can be a real pain. Not with CyberWorkshop. We’re New Zealand’s highest-rated Shopify agency. Why? Because we’re 100% focused on Shopify design and development. Get in touch today, and we’ll take your website online fast, on-budget, and tailored to your exact specifications.

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Shopify sync for MYOB Exo

Others have gone before us and tried to create 3rd party solutions to link MYOB EXO to their own custom eCommerce platforms. The problem is that they all end up producing stale websites that simply don’t do your business justice.


Your business deserves better - and so do your customers.


That’s why we’ve developed the MYOB Exo to Shopify integration, allowing you to integrate your back-end system with a modern, professional, and fully-customisable B2B/B2C Shopify store. The responsive web design will give your customers a seamless experience no matter what device they browse your store with.


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