Intelligent, automated order processing. Let Lucy turn customer purchase orders in your inbox into sales orders in MYOB ERP, instantly.

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$ 1625
AUD $1625 for Standard Plan, $2425 for Large Plan, $3425 for Enterprise Plan
Compatible with:
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Certified Certified

• True integration to MYOB Advanced & EXO

Your ERP remains the source of truth. Lucy processes emailed PDF purchase orders with 100% accuracy, validating order data before it’s allowed into MYOB. Seamless integration means sales orders are in your ERP ready to pick, pack and despatch within seconds of hitting your inbox.  

• Speed up your supply chain

Improve order fulfilment times and shorten your order-to-cash cycle. Lucy delivers fast, accurate order processing - around the clock. Weekends and holidays are irrelevant. Whenever your customers send purchase orders, Lucy is there to process them. 

• Set your sales team free

Why have your expensive Customer Service reps doing manual data entry when they can be adding real value to the business? Lucy takes the repetitive task of keying orders off your team’s hands, allowing them to engage with customers and strategically manage those key accounts. 

• Reduce your cost to serve

Clunky manual processes, human error, and order returns cost your business time AND money. Let Lucy automate this common operational bottleneck and make a positive impact on the bottom line. 


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