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EzzyBills extracts line-item details from invoices and automates management approvals.

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Product summary:

EzzyBills helps automate the accounts payable workflow. It quickly extracts data from invoices and puts it into MYOB with line-item details; automates management approvals and basic audits; and allows customers to receive e-invoices.  


Product description: 

EzzyBills is an accounts payable workflow engine. 


It quickly and automatically extracts line-item data from supplier invoices and exports the information into your myob account. In that process, it automatically enters the GL codes based on your myob history.


Documents can arrive to EzzyBills in 3 different ways:

  • Email to a unique email address  
  • Drag and drop into the EzzyBills dashboard 
  • Mobile application  


As part of the workflow, you can add additional tasks such as: 

  • Management approvals (up to 4 levels)  
  • Price checking to verify the supplier prices are correct 
  • Audit checking to verify the supplier BSB and account numbers are correct  
  • Receiving e-invoices through the Peppol Network


In addition to supplier invoices, EzzyBills processes a number of different document types including: 

  • Spend money transactions  
  • Employee expense claims 
  • Sales invoices  
  • Purchase orders 
  • Credit notes  
  • RCTI invoices 


EzzyBills is suitable for any business that has a large number of supplier invoices or requires multi-level management approval. Industries where EzzyBills is popular include: Hospitality, Retail, Construction, Not-for-Profit and Transport and Logistics. However, EzzyBills can be used in any type of business across any industry.


For bookkeepers and accountants, EzzyBills offers partner accounts to easily manage multiple client accounts and track usage on one centralised dashboard.


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