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Elements.app generates rich insights about your clients sales fundamentals.  It injects this information right into the heart of the conversation.  Elements.app promotes cash flow. It optimises sales by monitoring of sales "handles" and target market traits in real time.

Elements.app is the first of its kind "Digital Assistant" for:

  • Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business Advisors
  • Company Coaches. 

Elements.app drives effective communication between the MYOB professionals and their clients by analysing sales activity and surfacing insights.

Elements.app enables the user to:

Focus on the actionable. Elements.app is intuitive.  The professional and the business user understand it from the first interface.  It makes sense "at a glance".

Track sales and campaign progress. Elements.app understands how a sales activity changes over time. It reports back on how your client is going so you have time to celebrate or pivot your strategy.

Never miss a beat. Elements.app has user configurable triggers and notifications. These are sent during important business events to user-defined stakeholders. On~line meaningful notifications come to your phone or to email.  No more static reports.  "If it ain't broken, there is nothing to fix."

Elements.app streamlines strategic development of marketing campaigns so the user has all information in real time, making marketing decisions with laser-like precision.

The user has a full history of marketing successes and failures. It is easy to determine cost effectiveness of client acquisition and marketing campaigns.

Imagine ehe business owner and business professional can see results of their tactics immediately!

(Please note: Pricing for first tier is for 5 clients for $99.00 a month.)

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