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DocLink by Beyond Limits is a powerful content and process automation platform that helps companies save important time through better data management. Using DocLink, companies can digitise their documents and data in ANY department – AP, AR, HR, legal/contracts, IT and more, as well as automate workflows and streamlining vital business document processes. Taking everything digital results in a paperless and touchless environment that allows for improved access, visibility, and control; accelerated approval cycles; elimination of missed deadlines; and reduction of human errors. Ultimately, DocLink helps businesses spend less time managing their data, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Works with:

MYOB Acumatica

A powerful enterprise content platform and process automation solution, DocLink helps companies boost their MYOB Acumatica solution by digitising all their data and streamlining information flow in AP and any department. With DocLink, organisations can go paperless and automate their document and data workflows, streamlining vital business processes.

Powered by its secure digital data repository, and taking advantage of seamless MYOB Acumatica integration, DocLink ensures that documents and data can be captured, created, processed, and approved by anyone, from anywhere.

With DocLink, companies can:

Eliminate Manual Processes: With DocLink you can digitise your documents and data and automate manual tasks such as data entry, and document routing & approval. For example, DocLink users reduce their AP processing times on average from 50-75%.

Accelerate Approval Cycles: DocLink's automated document routing and approval workflows can significantly accelerate approval cycles (from weeks/days to hours/minutes), ensuring timely decision-making and faster completion of business processes.

Improve Access, Visibility & Control: With everything stored in the digital repository and related documents indexed and linked, DocLink provides users with faster data access and control, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.

No More Missed Deadlines: Automated task reminders and notification alerts eliminate the possibility of missed deadlines, ensuring timely completion of critical tasks and compliance with regulations.

Reduce Human Errors: By automating manual processes and reducing manual data entry, DocLink significantly reduces the likelihood of human errors, improving data accuracy, and minimising the associated costs of rework and correction.

Not Just an AP Point Solution: DocLink’s capabilities don’t just stop with AP, you can automate processes in AR, sales order processing, HR, legal/contracts, and more.

Pays for Itself: A typical DocLink user achieves ROI on average within 9 months by:

  • Eliminating annual storage costs, printer/copier costs, courier costs, etc.

  • Growth without adding headcount

  • Significant time savings – have time for more valuable, strategic initiatives

  • Eliminating late payments

  • Saving with early pay discounts

  • Quicker audit prep and completion

DocLink users have experienced measured benefits:

  • 25K invoices processed annually by only 1.5 full-time employees

  • 3.5 months return on investment from AP automation

  • $96K savings annually by eliminating storage and automating AP

  • 90% time reduction sending out AR invoices

  • 85% reduction of time processing expense reimbursements