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CRM-Map for MYOB AccountRight

Sync MYOB AccountRight with CRM-Map, the Custom Map Interface

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight

Easily Identify Key Sales Area
Have all your transactions automatically placed as customisable pins on a personal Google Map allowing easy recognition of key sales areas.

Expand your Database’s Functionality
Store Photos, notes, documentation, and any extra information you need. CRM-Map allows for the addition of custom forms and fields expanding what your current database is able to do.

Create Impacting Visual Marketing Content For your Website
Your personal maps can be easily embedded into any page as read only display.

Streamline your process
Reduce the number of applications required to complete a task by generating new contacts, quotes, and invoices in CRM-Map which automatically synch with MYOB AccountRight.
Have staff complete the process was on the road with their personal smart phones or tablets.

Get Started for Free
With CRM-Map’s free version you test to ensure your data is being displayed and entered as desired. No obligation. No credit information required.

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