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CreataCRM keeps you using what you're familiar with - which is MYOB!

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Business

CreataCRM keeps you using what is familiar, which is MYOB. It also provides those additional features & functions your Business needs from a premium CRM system. CreataCRM enables you to better manage Contacts, Leads, Sales, Project’s & Jobs effectively & flexibly. CreataCRM will give you access to Interactive Reporting Tools, Inventory Management, Email Marketing and a VoiP/PBX as well as a starting point.

The features available to you are extensive. CreataCRM will centralise all data (both MYOB & CreataCRM) in one location which is then accessible on any device. Responsive via Mobile, Tablets and PC/MAC, CreataCRM with MYOB enables the user to create Invoices, Back Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and much more. CreataCRM syncs to MYOB AccountRight Live and links to MYOB Classic, creating a turn key solution with greater accountancy flexibility

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