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Bimser Synergy

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Synergy CSP is the True Cloud, Low-Code/No-Code Business Process Automation and WorkFlow Platform.

Works with:

MYOB Acumatica

Bimser International has decades old workflow and business process automation know-how and experience in many different industries. Now Bimser presents Synergy CSP. Synergy CSP is the True Cloud business process automation and workflow management platform in this digital age. Let’s get rid of paper and spreadsheets and Synergize with Synergy CSP. Synergy has a native-cloud powerful workflow engine for you to design your business process applications with no coding/low coding. You can design your applications based on your company’s priorities and current hierarchy.

You can design your workflows to automate your business processes, manage your documents, manage your records, use executive dashboard for KPI tracking. You can work remotely as well.

You can have and develop many different business process applications such as change management, expense management, HR onboarding/offboarding, vendor management portal, customer management portal, contract management, legal document management and many more.

Synergy CSP is vertical free. Any company in any industry enjoys the benefits of Synergy CSP; manufacturing, service, finance, banking, professional services, not-for-profit, healthcare, pharma, aerospace, food & beverage, medical device, public, private and many more.  Synergy CSP is linked to MYOB Acumatica's master data and ready to expand integration per request.

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