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ATOmate integrates directly with the ATO to automate the processing, checking, and distribution of ATO documents for accountants. Reducing ATO document processing time by 90%!

Works with:

MYOB Practice Management

Not only does ATOmate reduce manual processing time, but it’s also designed to help you keep up with compliance requirements – automatically redacting TFNs to keep your client’s data safe and secure.

ATOmate automatically connects with MYOB AE, MYOB AO, and MYOB Practice Management, to match clients and check for any discrepancies which are automatically flagged for review before sending.

Increasing your client engagement with timely personalised communications using ATOmate to communicate via email, portal, or letter, making sure clients hear from you first.

Integrating with your document management system, ATOmate also takes care of the tedious task of filing correspondence, including audit trails – to provide a complete record.

With ATOmate, you can reclaim the valuable time you and your team are spending on repetitive administrative tasks so you can reinvest into building and maintaining meaningful client relationships and growing your practice.

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