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Your set and forget solution to debtor management.

Collect overdue invoices faster and easier with ezyCollect.

ezyCollect is an advanced web-based debtor management solution that easily integrates with your MYOB accounting software to automate accounts receivables functions and accelerate cash recovery.

  • Quick setup - Get synced and start collecting in less than 30 minutes.
  • Save time - Automate, schedule & customise your collection activities in minutes.
  • Customers first - Keep the personal touch with polite, persistent reminders.
  • Save cost & boost cash - Faster collections means more cash and less interest.

What business are you?


Too busy? Get hands-free on sending overdue invoice reminders and collect money any time.

  • Less stress : Cut the tedious follow-ups. Let friendly robots do it for you.
  • Less mess : Track all monies owing to your business. Never lose track of debtors again.
  • More time : Stop losing a day a week chasing debtors.
“I love checking my back account each day, seeing a constant stream of cash coming in – magically!”- EspressoConnect - Why not try ezyCollect now?


Use big business technology to improve cash flow without losing the personal touch.

  • Support growth : Scale your debtor management system to match your customer base.
  • Stay personal : Don’t be cold. Automate personalised reminders that come from you.
  • Be systematic : Use scheduling tools to coordinate your debtor management activities.
Within a few months, Feral Brewing halved its overdue accounts. - Why not try ezyCollect now?


Protect your clients from bad debts risks and bump them to the top of the payments queue.

  • Add value : Grow your trusted advisor role “beyond accounting”
  • Save time : The system crunches the numbers for you.
  • Add revenue : Your firm benefits from new revenue streams.
Businesses want more from accountants and the future is bright for those ready to embrace technology.

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Integration Details

  • EXO
  • Advanced
  • AccountRight Classic
  • AccountRight Live
  • Essentials
Exo Business Exo Employer Services MYOB Advanced People MYOB Advanced Business AccountRight AccountRight MYOB Essentials

Data shared with MYOB

MYOB Direction
Sale Invoices
Customer Payments
Tax Codes

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It's as easy as visiting the website or, why not give them a call 1300 780 524, and they'll tell you all you need to know to get you started.

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