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Savvy Reports

Create custom reports using blended data from multiple apps, no more spreadsheets.

Savvy Reports saves time and money and helps businesses make better decisions based on real-time, consolidated data. We provide an easy to use custom report building tool, three-way forecasts and customisable dashboards allowing you to answer key business questions. Manage cashflow, accelerate growth and spot trends in your business with our all in one cloud reporting and forecasting software.

Blended reports
Create your very own custom reports using blended data from all of your cloud applications. You will no longer need to use those cumbersome spreadsheets, no more pivoting tables. Consolidate data from multiple sources or use just one.

Cashflow forecasting
Using your actual historical data, you can build an accurate three-way forecast in seconds. Monitoring your cashflow is essential, so project up to ten years with your data. See scenario variations on the fly with What-If.

Manage your business quickly and accurately with online dashboards to help make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes. Customisable charts & graphs to fit your needs helping report on all data in real time.

Data consolidation
Consolidate multiple company files into unified profit & loss or balance sheet monthly management reports. Connect and consolidate up to 100 company files with multiple currency conversion supported.

User access control
Our unique and secure user access control helps you seamlessly collaborate over business scenarios, with your team and clients. Invite your clients into your Savvy Reports organisation and give them access to only their data. Share reports, dashboards and forecasts designed by advisers for business owners.

White labeling
Customise Savvy Reports with your own branding to create a special experience for your team and clients.

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