Add-ons for MYOB in Advanced Reporting

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Complete Budgeting, Forecasting, and Advanced Reporting in one Package.

Cerebiz Budget <p>'If you can't measure, you can't manage' is widely accepted in business. Quick and easy steps in creating more realistic budgets and forecasts to control destiny of your business. </p> <p>Save time by turning projections into budgets and forecasts easily and quickly. Easily tune budget figures by amount or '%' for individual or group of accounts. Improved forward control enables businesses to increase Cash and Profit. </p> <p>Do WHAT IF tests to suit new business conditions and objectives. Ability to create forward scenarios built on more realistic 'real life' assumptions. </p> <p>Record comments against each budget item for later reference. </p> <p>Save time and effort by linking Job and Cost Centre budgets to main Company budget. </p> <p>Advanced Reporting on Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis. </p> <p>Complete Budgeting, Forecasting and Advanced Reporting in one package.</p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Complete Budgeting, Forecasting, and Advanced Reporting in one Package. reporting business intelligence budgeting forecasting Cerebiz
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Effortlessly understand your business as never before

BI4Cloud | Easy Business Intelligence <h3>Overview</h3> <ul> <li>Prebuilt reports for Jobs, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing</li> <li>50+ Favourite Reports out-of-the-box</li> <li>Design <strong><em>your own</em></strong> Dashboards and Visualisations for an overall view of your business</li> <li>Analyse extra dimensions including Ship To Address, Category, Custom Lists, Custom Fields and more</li> <li>Auto Email reports and create Alerts for when exceptions occur in your business</li> <li>Access reports via your web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad</li> </ul> <h3>Features and benefits</h3> <ul> <li>Analyse, Chart, Pivot, Compare, Visualise and drill-down in just a few clicks</li> <li>Change report dimensions, charts, date ranges, periods, sorting, subtotalling and filters</li> <li>Maintain what reports users access reports and data they see</li> <li>Create new Favourite Reports to expand your report library</li> <li>Export reports to Excel</li> </ul> <h3>Who is it for?</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Real businesses</strong> wanting to get a lot more from their MYOB</li> <li><strong>Business owners</strong> who want up-to-date visibility into their business</li> <li><strong>Sales and marketing</strong> teams needing a deeper understanding of their customers, market segments, brand and salesperson performance</li> <li><strong>Purchasing managers</strong> needing the tools to instantly know what inventory is selling and how much is on hand at each location</li> <li><strong>Accountants</strong> who want to keep using MYOB when the business grows</li> <li><strong>IT departments</strong> who are wasting time extracting data and writing reports for end users</li> </ul> <!-- chat window --> <script>/*<![CDATA[*/window.zEmbed||function(e,t){var n,o,d,i,s,a=[],r=document.createElement("iframe");window.zEmbed=function(){a.push(arguments)},window.zE=window.zE||window.zEmbed,r.src="javascript:false",r.title="",r.role="presentation",(r.frameElement||r).style.cssText="display: none",d=document.getElementsByTagName("script"),d=d[d.length-1],d.parentNode.insertBefore(r,d),i=r.contentWindow,s=i.document;try{o=s}catch(e){n=document.domain,r.src='javascript:var;d.domain="'+n+'";void(0);',o=s}{var e=this.createElement("script");n&&(this.domain=n),"js-iframe-async",e.src="",this.t=+new Date,this.zendeskHost="",this.zEQueue=a,this.body.appendChild(e)},o.write('<body onload="document._l();">'),o.close()}(); /*]]>*/</script> <!-- chat window --> Effortlessly understand your business as never before reports ship to reporting report writer custom list custom field dashboards
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Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

Abtrac <p>Abtrac is used extensively by <ul><li>Architects, interior designers and architectural designers</li> <li>Accountants and bookkeepers</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Cost estimators (quantity surveyors)</li> <li>Engineers of all professional disciplines</li> <li>Land surveyors</li> <li>Planners</li> <li>Project managers</li></ul></p> <p>and many other professional services firms.</p> <p>Abtrac eliminates errors and inefficiencies that cost you time and money. It's simple, the more you know about each of your projects, the better you can manage them.</p> <p>Abtrac tracks clients, sub-consultants, projects, stages, fee estimates, employees, timesheets, disbursements, and everything else from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice.</p> <ul><li>Quickly review actual vrs budget by project to help you better manage this one and the next one</li> <li>Reduce write offs, correctly bill for variations, and make staff more aware of the value of their time</li> <li>Reduce endless paperwork and throw away your confusing and complicated spreadsheets</li> <li>Eliminate the inefficiencies and pressure at month end with all your data in one place</li></ul> <p>It's the quality of information Abtrac delivers that sets us apart - streamlined and industry specific reports. More just a software company we speak your language and understand your business. And our support and follow up is second to none. </p> Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.
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Track and measure income, expenses and profitability related to Jobs

Cerebiz Jobs <p>Simple steps in mapping accounts according to your requirements and per/job. Save time by copying Actual / Budget values from similar Jobs to create new Job Budgets. Record comments against accounts for later reference.</p> <p>Setup and configure KPIs for each Job to measure performance of Jobs. Single dashboard view of your KPIs for easy assessment of profitability of each Job. </p> <p>Advanced Reporting and Analysis on Actual vs Budget. </p> <p>Cerebiz Jobs makes management and control of multiple Jobs easy. </p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Track and measure income, expenses and profitability related to Jobs
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Track business performance at a glance

Fathom <h3>Overview</h3> <p>Reports and insights to help businesses thrive. Powerfully simple financial analysis, management reporting, dashboards and consolidations.</p> <p>Fathom seamlessly integrates with MYOB, and then transforms your accounting data into visual reports and dashboards.Track the metrics and KPIs that matter, and get deeper insights so you can make better business decisions. It’s powerfully simple financial intelligence.</p> <p>For business owners, Fathom provides beautiful performance reports and timely business insights so you can confidently make business decisions. For accountants, Fathom helps you to deliver engaging and scalable advisory and management reporting services for your clients.</p> <p>Ready to try Fathom? <a href="">Start a free trial</a></p> <h3>Feature Highlights</h3> <p><strong>Analysis:</strong> Create, track and analyse KPIs and metrics for informed decision making<br /> <strong>Reporting:</strong> Craft captivating, insightful and customised automated reports<br /> <strong>Consolidations:</strong> Easily create consolidated reports for multiple MYOB organisations across more than 50 currencies<br /> <strong>Benchmarking:</strong> Visually compare and rank your companies, clients or franchisees</p> <h3>Key Benefits</h3> <p><strong>For management:</strong><ul> <li>Track, understand, and monitor the metrics and KPIs that matter</li> <li>Improve oversight and decision making</li> <li>Track and improve business performance</li></ul></p> <p><strong>For advisors:</strong><ul> <li>Proactively assist your clients to grow and thrive</li> <li>Create beautiful reports and dashboards that your clients will love</li> <li>Automate workflows and improve efficiency</li> <li>Win new clients</li></ul></p> <p><strong>For franchises and multi-entity organisations:</strong><ul> <li>Compare the performance of franchisees and entities</li> <li>Identify high performers and best practices</li></ul></p> <p>Ready to <a href="">try Fathom?</a><br /> Start your free 14 day trial to access Fathom’s deep insights and engaging reports</p> <h3>Customer Testimonials</h3> <p>Functionality at the click of a button. Upload out of MYOB and provide clients with a real time solution for relative reporting of information. Not a boring P&L but a visual representation of information. Enjoyable staff to deal with any problems and a big plus to our business.<br /> Christopher Gray, SiDCOR Chartered Accountants</p> <p>We have been extremely happy with the functionality and ease of use of Fathom. The reporting makes explaining operational performance for financial and non-financial data easy to understand. We are also using Fathom in developing a very valuable database of KPI tracking to assist podiatry practices benchmark key metrics in their businesses. Fathom is proving to be a very valuable tool to enable that process for us.<br /> Greg Gunther, Podiatry Hive</p> Track business performance at a glance reporting
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A great range of management reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations.

Spotlight Reporting <p>Spotlight Reporting offers accountants and business owners the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations.</p> <p>Spotlight Reporting was built by progressive accountants, for progressive accountants and is a preferred choice of the Big 4 and leading progressive accounting firms around the world.</p> <p>Spotlight Reporting offers a great range of comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasting, customizable dashboards and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises. Our software empowers accountants to have great conversations with their clients and to add value to the relationship.</p> <p>The Spotlight suite of tools are ideal for accounting firms, business owners, CFOs, franchises, and non-profits seeking greater clarity and insights. In addition, Spotlight adopts a partnership model with customers, providing a dedicated Customer Success Specializt for onboarding and growth, thought leadership and training resources and a Support team that operates 24/7 around the globe.</p> <p>Spotlight Reporting seamlessly integrates with MYOB enabling accountants and businesses to import actual and budget data from MYOB with the click of a button. The integration unlocks all functionality available in Spotlight, including unique features such as industry templates, Action Plans, Cash flow Forecasting, Executive Summaries, advanced consolidations with multi-currency and intercompany eliminations, etc.</p> <p>You can add in other data to Spotlight reports via EXCEL and Google Analytics, as well as add in your own non-financial KPI information as well.</p> <p><a href="">Start your free trial today</a></p> A great range of management reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations.
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True Business Intelligence (BI) tool set includes Data Cube, pivots and more

Cerebiz Analyzer <p>Finding correct information in timely manner from complex business data structures is like finding needle from a haystack. Data in your business has tremendous value if harnessed and presented as meaningful information. </p> <p>Cerebiz Analyser presents raw data in meaningful Business Intelligence. Drill down into detail underlying transaction for better understanding of information. </p> <p>Ability to regularly analyses profit contribution from each customer, product, sales person and Job for better direction. </p> <p>Use 80/20 rule to identify the top 20% that makes 80% of the revenue and profit contribution. </p> <p>Change the hierarchy for view different perspective. Expand or collapse the data view for more clarity. Eliminate delays in investigating aspects of interest and anomalies. </p> <p>Profitability analysis made simple with Cerebiz Analyser.</p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> True Business Intelligence (BI) tool set includes Data Cube, pivots and more
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Cloud based Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting extension to your MYOB system

My Business Maximiser <strong>Take your business into the future via My Business Maximizer:</strong></p> <ol> <li>Improved Cash Collection</li> <li>Profitability Improvement</li> <li>‘What if..’ Budgets</li> <li>Business Intelligence and Reporting</li> </ol> <p>The MYOB back office accounting system is a great system for simplicity, finding trained staff, and basic compliance reporting.</p> <p>However many business managers want more than just limited historical data.</p> <ul class="hollowArrow"> <li>They want the kind of information that enables them to form a future view of their business to make better decisions.</li> <li>They want access to it in their office, and online in a customer or supplier’s office. They want to work online on their business wherever they are in the world.</li> </ul> <p>My Business Maximizer provides web based instant views of up-to-date cash, sales, cost, expense, profit, and debtor’s analysis, as well as budget variances. Graphs to show trends, ranking for 80/20 analysis, drill down to get down to the cause of issues.</p> <p>‘What if..’ future views of cash flow, sales, profit, and debtors days. Plus ‘Analyzer’ for ad hoc analysis and reports.</p> <p>Nothing changes in your back office except My Business Maximizer automatically extracts a copy of the MYOB data via a secure Internet connection. You retain full control over your business data.</p> <div>My Business Maximizer helps take your business into the future.</div> Cloud based Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting extension to your MYOB system budgets cash flow KPI what if profitability
$30 per month
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Easy cashflow forecasting for small businesses

Calxa Express <p>Calxa Express is for small businesses that need a quick way of creating accurate and reliable cashflow forecasts for months and years ahead. It helps planning for growth and preparing loan applications. The reports are easy to understand even for non-accountants. <p> <h2>Cashflow Forecasting Made Easy</h2> <p>Follow the simple steps of the Quick Start Wizard to get going and prepare cashflow forecasts in just minutes. Fine tune your projections for various ‘What If’ scenarios.</p> <h2>Budgets in a Flash</h2> <p>Create, manage and report on budgets for multiple MYOB files. Prepare budgets for up to 10 years ahead. Maintain multiple budget versions such as ‘Best Case’, ‘Worst Case’, and ‘Current Forecast’ to compare different business models. Unlike spreadsheets there is a structure to the Calxa budget; no danger of inadvertently overwriting a formula or making an error in a formula.</p> <h2>Reporting designed for Non-Accountants</h2> <p>Choose from over 50 standard templates. Use charts for visual snapshots. Run standard KPIs such as Debt Ratio, Inventory Turnover Days, Working Capital Ratio, Wages to Turnover and many more. Batch your end-of-month reports and print with one click. Export reports easily to Excel or PDF or just email reports directly from Calxa.</p> <h2>Calxa is suited for:<h2> <style> li { font-family: arial; margin-bottom: 0 !important; font-size: 14px !important;} </style> <ul> <li>Small Businesses that want better manage cashflow and impress their bank</li> <li>Bookkeepers that want to get started with client reporting</li> </ul> Easy cashflow forecasting for small businesses reports
$10 per month, cancel anytime
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Awesome financial reports for just a few bucks

The Invisible Accountant <h2>Why you need this?</h2> <p>"If you are a small business that wants more insight and make better decisions, here is a real easy and quick way of getting some visual financial reports that will help you:"</p> <ul> <li>Track your business performance</li> <li>See where your money has gone</li> <li>Know your cash position</li> <li>Identify upcoming hot spots early</li> <li>Make informed decisions</li> <li>Better understand where you’re going</li> </ul> <h2>How it Works</h2> <p>"It takes just a few minutes and you will start receiving your management reports each month."</p> <ol> <li>Connect to your MYOB</li> <li>Tell us a bit about yourself</li> <li>Receive your monthly Management Reports</li> </ol> <p>Make sure your accounts are in the cloud with MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials and have numbers for the past financial year. We’ll even put your logo onto the cover page and add a bonus pack of three extra reports each month.</p> <h3>Testimonials</h3> <p>“The Invisible Accountant helps me understand if I’m actually making money.<br /> I finally understand what’s happening in my business!”<br /> <strong>— Ryan Jones, Refuel Creative</strong></p> <p>“What a great product for small businesses. Both educational and insightful.”<br /> <strong>— Rhys Roberts, Cloudsolve</strong></p> <h2>Want to get The Invisible Accountant?</h2> <p>"Visit our website and sign up – honestly, it takes just a few minutes and you will start receiving your management reports each month."</p> Awesome financial reports for just a few bucks
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Easy-to-use rostering & attendance software for managers who need flexibility.

Ento <p>Ento was founded in Australia in 2009 to help businesses manage rostering, leave, attendance and communication within their workforce.</p> ​ <p>Since then we've become the chosen solution for over 3,000 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, community, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 10 to 2,000+ staff.</p> ​ <h4>Spend less time rostering staff</h4> <p>Add shifts in seconds, complex costing rules calculated real-time, SMS or email staff their shifts instantly.</p> ​ <h4>Capture precise time and attendance</h4> <p>Facial recognition Time Clock, staff managed timesheets, shift &amp; roster sync and attendance records by approval.</p> ​ <h4>Timesheets to payroll in seconds</h4> <p>With a click of a button send your approved timesheets directly to MYOB.</p> ​ <h4>Full award interpretation</h4> <p>Whether you pay extra for overtime, on the weekends, based on skill or any number of other conditions, costing and labour rules can be complicated. We've built a configurable award interpretation engine that processes every shift instantly.</p> ​ <h4>Leave requests and accruals with ease</h4> <p>Correctly managing requests, approvals, accruals and deductions of leave hours is tricky business. We've built all the tools you need to handle the full lifecycle of leave - from the initial request via the Staff app to the export into MYOB</p> <h4>Ready to try Ento?</h4> <p>Start your <strong>Free</strong> 14 day trial for access these features and many more! <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Get Started for Free!</a></p> <h3>Customer testimonials</h3> <blockquote> <p>The Ento system comes with my highest recommendation! We have been using Ento to manage our 90 staff across 4 locations for the last 4 months and could not be happier! Payroll alone used to take our bookkeeper 2.5 hours a week plus another 5 hours per week of manager time following up missing shifts, shift swaps, those that put too many/ too little hours, etc. Now that staff are entering their own time sheets and we can export to MYOB we think it take us about 15 - 30 minutes to complete, including the bank payment and payslips emailed. Saving us time, money and STRESS! We love that this system puts the responsibility back onto the staff. Both for time sheets but also unavailabilities. We are no longer spoon feeding them and it feels great! <br> <small> <strong>Rebecca Jackson</strong> Multiple franchise owner &mdash; Bakers Delight </small> </p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>We researched various roster software before deciding on Ento and have been very happy with our decision. Lots of great features as well as easily keeping our staff informed of roster changes makes staff management a whole lot easier. <br> <small> <strong>Jamien Zimmermann</strong> CEO &mdash; TravelSIM Australia </small> </p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>Ento helps us manage more than 400 staff over 55 locations in a much more efficient way saving us both time and money. Letting staff login to the website and fill out unavailability has removed the need for us to chase and re-enter that data into a separate spreadsheet. SMS Broadcasting is a highlight in communicating quickly to notify staff of their shifts, filling empty shifts and automatic notifications of their next shift. <br> <small> <strong>Shannon Smith</strong> Manager &mdash; Ivory Tavern </small> </p> </blockquote> Easy-to-use rostering & attendance software for managers who need flexibility.
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Analysing your MYOB data and generating additional reports

SmartReports+ <p>With over 300 powerful business reports, you can be guaranteed to save time and effort and focus on your business activities rather than crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. From Dashboard (complete snapshot of your business) to Consolidations (consolidated P&L and Balance sheet from multiple company files), Smart Reports is your only source for comprehensive yet powerful business reports. SmartReports+ is the only web downloadable reporting system that allows you to pick and choose the reports you require and only download the ones you need. <a href="">Talk to our experts NOW</a>!</p> <ul> <li>Job Costing - See the true breakdown of labour and purchase costs for your jobs</li> <li>Extract budget and variance reports, profit & loss reports by account level, claims & retentions</li> <li>Category - Extract category P&L statements</li> <li>Exceptions - Generate exception reports</li> <li>Inventory - What are your best / worst selling products? Who are your top customers?</li> <li>Consolidation - Consolidate multiple MYOB company files</li> <li>Multiple currency - Maintain transactions in multiple currencies, SmartReports+ handles multiple currencies smartly!</li> <li>Select the report(s) you need from over 100, covering sales, job costing, payroll, purchases, inventory etc</li> <li>Identify which customers, sales people, territories or products are delivering better margins. Does increased revenue really mean increased margins?</li> <li>Report by Custom Lists and Custom Fields</li> <li>Generate tabular and graphical reports at the click of a button</li> </ul> Analysing your MYOB data and generating additional reports none
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Personalised Dashboards, Reports with views more appropriate to the audience

Cerebiz Dashboard <p>Dashboard / Reporter provides Accountant Advisor the ability to implement <strong>Dashboards/Reports</strong>, and <strong>Alerts</strong> for your Clients. Spot Client Alert conditions with just a glance at your Clients Dashboard on your screen. Create your own Report Template to use on multiple client businesses. Extract Dashboard KPIs, Alert conditions to create Professions Reports and include your commentary for client discussion.</p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Personalised Dashboards, Reports with views more appropriate to the audience
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Business intelligence, consolidation & insight via dashboards & interactive reports.

Rubihawk for MYOB <ul> <li>One-touch consolidation of multiple MYOB environments / files</li> <li>Easy handling of intercompany transaction in financials</li> <li>Easy-to-use operational dashboards for customer / supplier / item analysis</li> <li>Web-driven interface allowing non-financials users to see business trends</li> </ul> <p>Rubihawk is a business intelligence suite that runs on top of MYOB and facilitates easy consolidation, reports, dashboards and analytics.</p> <p>With a built-in scheduling engine, static consolidated operational, financial & exception report delivery can be automated.</p> <p>Collaboration is built-in, so users can chat with each other and share comments on the same reports or dashboards.</p> <p>Security is built-in, so that users in the financial, operations, HR and Sales departments don't automatically have access to reports outside their immediate realm unless configured to allow this by the environment controller (administrator).</p> <p>Built-in SMS text messaging allows users to notify customers / suppliers of exceptions, conditions.</p> <p>Dashboards with multiple levels of drilldown allow easy analysis of information.</p> <p>Side by side comparisons allow easy comparison of one entity / region / period against another with no theoretical limit on the number of reports.</p> <p>Rubihawk allows end users who are not familiar with MYOB to navigate information in an easy-to-understand way to provide business owners with good views of their business without imposing on the bookkeeper.</p> <p>Job based P&L reports spanning unlimited time periods are allowed, comparing jobs side by side against another. Graphical budget-vs-actual reports with various summary levels and drilldown are provided.</p> Business intelligence, consolidation & insight via dashboards & interactive reports. budgets consolidated
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Collect Cash on time with earlier collection of overdue invoices

Cerebiz Cash <p>Integrated Cash Flow projection has substantiated Promises to Pay by Customers, Payments to Suppliers and also future income and expenses projection yet to be confirmed can be included.</p> <p>Reduce costs in admin and service overheads. Automate Debt collection process. Automate SMS and Email reminders to Clients including Statements and copies of Invoices. </p> <p>Record payment plans and customer conversations to follow up. </p> <p>Send legal demand letters to long overdue debtors. </p> <p>WHAT IF analysis on Cash flow for different best / worst case scenarios. Trend Chart provides instant visibility to Cash Collection effectiveness. </p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Collect Cash on time with earlier collection of overdue invoices reporting Cerebiz business intelligence budgeting forecasting bi
$35/month/user inc GST, $999/year unlimited license inc GST
AccountRight Live

Reporting solutions for AccountRight Live

SmartReports for AccountRight Live <p>Smart Reports has been assisting MYOB users with leading-edge reporting solutions since 2003. The popular reporting solutions from Smart Reports for MYOB AccountRight v19.9 and earlier versions are now being made available for MYOB AccountRight Live. The Reportelligence for MYOB is the cloud based reporting solution for MYOB AccountRight Live 2013.4 and later versions. <a href="">Click here to start your trial of Reportelligence for MYOB AccountRight Live today</a>.</p> <p>The Reportelligence for MYOB is created for both end users as well as their Advisor's such as Bookkeepers, MYOB Consultants and Accountants. Business professionals can subscribe to Reportelligence and offer the reports as value added service to their clients and increase their consulting revenue at the same time.</p> <!-- LIVECHAT --> <script type="text/javascript"> var __lc = {}; __lc.license = 2602891; __lc.params = [{name: 'Ext-Source', value: 'MYOB'}]; (function() { var lc = document.createElement('script'); lc.type = 'text/javascript'; lc.async = true; lc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc, s); // turn off the MYOB survey link $('.add-on-survey').css('display', 'hidden'); })(); $( document ).ready(function() { $('.add-on-survey').css('display', 'none'); }); </script> Reporting solutions for AccountRight Live
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FREE - Monthly Job Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Data File Consolidations & Board Reports

BudgetLink <p>Automates<br /> <ul><li>Monthly Job Budgets</li> <li>Cash Flow Forecasts</li> <li>Consolidated Financials</li> <li>Excel Board Reports</li></ul> <p>All for FREE!</p> <p><strong>Sound Familiar?</strong></p> <p>As an Adviser or Finance Manager reporting to a Board with MYOB, you have used MS Excel; either to <strong>analyse Monthly Budgets by Job or Category, Forecast Cash Flow, Consolidate Data Files or create Custom Board or Management Reports.</strong></p> <p>No doubt you would have created professional templates, amended them with new accounts or jobs, fixed broken formulas and at least once each reporting period, exported reports, copied and pasted data and checked for errors. Typically this would set you back a few hours to a few days.</p> <strong><p>Fortunately there is a way to end this insanity. It’s called BudgetLink.</p></strong> <p>Our first build in 1997 was designed to automate finance reports to exact layouts and without errors. Over the years it has gone through many innovations to become the fastest, most flexible and capable reporting add-on available.</p> <p>Every aspect of BudgetLink’s design, from the choice of Excel as its platform to its powerful function base, provides flexibility and adaptability. With BudgetLink, custom Excel report automation is fast, easy and precise while remaining interactive, reliable and easy to maintain.</p> <p>One of our reporting specialists can automate your existing Excel-based finance reports using BudgetLink or adapt one of BudgetLink’s industry-standard reports to meet your unique requirements. We can also provide training so that you can automate your own custom reports. Most people who trial it, choose BudgetLink. Experience it for yourself; we’re sure that you will be impressed by what it can do.</p> <p>There are two editions to choose from:<br /> <ul><li>The Free Edition solves the core reporting problems and is entirely free</li> <li>The Ultimate edition solves the more specialized reporting problems</li></ul></p> <p>Features included in the Free Edition:<br /> <ul><li>Monthly Job Budget Analysis</li> <li>Cash Flow Forecasting</li> <li>Consolidated P&amp;L, Balance Sheet &amp; Cash Flow</li> <li>Automate Custom Excel Reports</li></ul></p> <p>Features included in the Ultimate Edition:</p> <ul><li>Drilldown to Transactions</li> <li>Multiple Budget Versions</li> <li>Weekly Budgeting and Reporting</li> <li>Cash Basis Reporting</li> <li>Alternate Account Hierarchies</li> <li>Alternate Job Headers</li> <li>Statement of Cash Flows (Operating / Investing / Financing)</li> <li>and more…</li></ul> <p>All editions of BudgetLink work with:<br /> <ul><li>MYOB AccountRight Classic (19.9 or lower)</li> <li>MYOB AccountRight Live (desktop, server and cloud-based)</li></ul></p> FREE - Monthly Job Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Data File Consolidations & Board Reports excel budgets reports
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On-line or off-line user customisable reports, labels, forms and scripts with output to pd

Datawise Report Writer <H1>Datawise Report Writer</H1> <p>Works with MYOB AccountRight Classic (ARC) and Live (ARL - Cloud, local and Network Library files )<br /></p> <p>DataWise is a desktop app that runs on your computer or server. - Gives you control of data.<br />User customisable reports, labels, forms and scripts with output to pdf, word, excel and text files - Gives you control of output.</p> <p>Full featured Report Writer and Query Tools that gives you the ability to get reports looking exactly how you want them .</p> <p>DataWise does more... <br /> &nbsp;* <a href="">120+ Free Reports for AccountRight Classic. (ARC)</a>&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;* <A href="">Reports for AccountRight Live&nbsp;(ARL)</a><br /> &nbsp;* Create, edit and share your reports&nbsp; (ARC ARL)<br /> &nbsp;* eMail Marketing Campaigns, (ARL)<br /> &nbsp;* Data Mining,&nbsp; (ARC ARL)<br /> &nbsp;* EDI Interfaces - Mitre 10, Trademe, Foodstuffs, MainFreight (ARC ARL)&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;* Programming Scripts (ARC ARL)<br /> &nbsp;* Integrated budget &amp; cashflow analysis. (ARC) <br /> &nbsp;* Ratio Analysis (ARC)<br /> &nbsp;* Unlimited Company Consolidations with account mapping to new chart if required (ARC)<br /> &nbsp;* Custom Payroll Reports eg Journal Interfaces. (ARC, EXO)<br /> &nbsp;* Scripting for Excel Automation</p> <p>Most popular included reports are:</p> <p>&nbsp;* Division Reporting - Profit &amp; Loss and Balance Sheet<br /> &nbsp;* Company Consolidations<br /> &nbsp;* General Ledger Detail Report<br /> &nbsp;* Sales Margin by any combination of Customer, Product, Custom Lists or Fields<br /> &nbsp;* Profit &amp; Loss with Actual, Year to Date and Full Year compared to budget<br /> &nbsp;* Job Profit &amp; Loss with Actual, Year to Date and Full Year compared to budget<br /> &nbsp;* P &amp; Loss for any 12 month period<br /> &nbsp;* Cash Flow by General Ledger Account<br /> &nbsp;* Components in Sales</p> <p><a href="">DownLoad the Free Trial Today.</a></p> On-line or off-line user customisable reports, labels, forms and scripts with output to pd cash flow consolidation financial reports budgeting forecasting Ratio analysis KPI
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Create any report in Excel to analyse your MYOB data quickly and for FREE.

ExcelReportLink <p>MYOB comes pre-loaded with many useful reports. However, there are always some fields, layouts or customisation that users would like included on their reports that are not available</p> <p>The ExcelReportLink solutions are a series of FREE MYOB add-ons which solves this problem.</p> <p>Out of the box, ExcelReportLink comes loaded with the following customisable reports:<br /> <ul> <li>Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reports</li> <li>Sales and Transaction Reports</li> <li>Job and Category Reports</li> <li>Multi-company Reports</li> <li>Aged Receivables and Aged Payables Reports</li> <li>Payroll and Leave Entitlement Reports</li> <li>Custom Reports</li></ul></p> <p>ExcelReportLink can produce reports with the following dimensions:<br /> <ul><li>Companies, Job and Categories</li> <li>Customers, Suppliers and Items</li> <li>Accounts and Versions (actual and budget)</li> <li>Dates, Months and Financial Years</li> <li>Transaction fields (Number, Type, Line Memo, etc.)</li> <li>Many other dimensions (Custom Lists, Custom Fields, Identifiers, etc.) with some level of customisation</li></ul></p> <p>By leveraging Microsoft Excel's Pivot Tables, ExcelReportLink allows you to:<br /> <ul><li>Design and Format the layouts</li> <li>Add filters</li> <li>Sort values</li> <li>Collapse and Expand rows</li> <li>Drilldown to source data</li> <li>Apply calculations</li></ul><p> <p>Download a FREE ExcelReportLink solution to suit your needs...</p> <p><strong>ExcelReportLink GL Pivot</strong><font size="1"> (Works with AccountRight Live and Classic)</font> <div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="" class="btn btn-info"target="blank">Register for Download</a> </div> </div></p><br /> <p><strong>ExcelReportLink Sales Pivot</strong><font size="1">(Works with AccountRight Live and Classic)</font> <div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="" class="btn btn-info"target="blank">Register for Download</a> </div> </div></p><br /> <p><strong>ExcelReportLink Payroll Pivot</strong><font size="1"> (Works with AccountRight Classic only)</font> <div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="" class="btn btn-info"target="blank">Register for Download</a> </div> </div></p><br /> <p><strong>ExcelReportLink Aged Receivables Pivot</strong> <font size="1"> (Works with AccountRight Classic only)</font> <div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="" class="btn btn-info"target="blank">Register for Download</a> </div> </div></p><br /> <p><strong>ExcelReportLink Aged Payables Pivot</strong> <font size="1"> (Works with AccountRight Classic only)</font> <div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <a href="" class="btn btn-info"target="blank">Register for Download</a> </div> </div></p><br /> <p>Contact Accounting Addons for training, to customise the reports further or to discuss the types of reports you wish to produce.</p> Create any report in Excel to analyse your MYOB data quickly and for FREE.
$1,995.00 + GST + 20% ALF

A selection of popular style reports that export directly to Microsoft Excel

EBS Reports <p><strong>EBS REPORTS is a module that provides a selection of popular style reports that can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel without the need for Clarity.</strong></p> <p>EBS Reports allows you to customize the data to be presented via the selection of different options within an easy to use graphical interface, enhancing your reporting ability alongside the Clarity reporting function within MYOB Exo.</p> <p>A wide variety of reports are available for Sales, Stock, Debtors and Creditors, all with customsiable selections and the ability to save templates for easy regular use. EXOBIZ can also enhance existing reports and add additional reports in the future without the need to get heavily involved in the report designing of Clarity.</p> A selection of popular style reports that export directly to Microsoft Excel
from $25/month
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The People's Safety Software

Donesafe Safety Software <h2>The People's Safety Software</h2> <p>Health and safety management has become a major drain on many businesses. As laws change and as companies grow it's becoming harder to meet compliance let alone surpass it. Here's why: It's complicated, expensive, high risk and extremely draining on resources. It is for these reasons that Donesafe was founded.</p> <p>Donesafe is an end-to-end, paper-free safety compliance platform that is easy-to-use, works on any device and automates your safety management. Donesafe is designed to be used by every worker in your organisation from any device, which takes the strain off the business and shares the load. By automating actions, surpassing your compliance and creating a safe workplace is now simple, low-cost, safe and quick. PLUS it's free to try, so there's really no reason not to take your safety to the next level today.</p> <p><img src=""></p> <p>For a quick intorduction to the platform watch the short video below</p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr> <p> To find out more, visit the Donesafe website go to <a href=""></a>. Alternatively you can try the platform for free or contact us below: <p><a href=""><img src=""></a> - <a href=""><img src=""></a></p> <hr> <h2>Donesafe Features</h2> <h3>RISK, COMPLIANCE AND AUDIT MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Risk, Compliance and Audit Management. Use structured workflows, customisable templates and action generation and tracking.</p> <h3>INJURY, COMPENSATION AND CLAIMS SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Injury and Claims management. Use tools like the PIAWE calculator, insurer integration and a library of aids and supports.</p> <h3>HEALTH AND HYGIENE MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Hygiene Management. Build checklists and workflows and automate your health processes and set up routines and inspections.</p> <h3>TRAINING MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Take unrivalled control of your training management. Ensure your employees are trained & competent to carry out their daily activities & meet legislative compliance.</p> <h3>EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Take unrivalled control of your emergency management. Know what to do if there is an emergency and test how prepared you are for an emergency.</p> <h3>VISITOR AND CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Manage your visitor and contractor entries and exits from any device. Print ID tags on site and ensure that all workers meet OHS training standards.</p> <hr> <h2>How Donesafe makes managing your Health and Safety easier</h2> <h3>AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS</h3> <p>Donesafe will let you know what you need to do and when. Actions are triggered as soon as an issue arises.</p> <h3>FOUR SIMPLE MODULES</h3> <p>You'll be guided through four simple safety management modules - Observe, Manage, Learn, Monitor</p> <h3>WORKS ON ANY DEVICE</h3> <p>No matter where you are or what you're doing, Donesafe works on whatever device you have at hand.</p> <h3>JARGON FREE</h3> <p>Powerful safety software features, plain language- promise.</p> <hr> <p>To learn more visit <a href=""></a></p> The People's Safety Software
From $39.95/month
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Identify the performers and laggards and take corrective action to improve profitability

Cerebiz Profit <p>More solid data to develop gross profit improvement strategies (i.e. details for ‘do more of what we’re doing well’). </p> <p>Set up sales hierarchy, e.g. sales person / customer, product OR sales person / product etc. </p> <p>Gross Profit figure and trend line. Identify early warning signs for timely corrective action. Key Indicator and determinator of Business profitability. </p> <p>Advanced Reporting / Analysis on Actual vs Budget. Identify profitable Items, Services, Customers and Sales Persons with ease.</p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Identify the performers and laggards and take corrective action to improve profitability
From $39.95/month
AccountRight Live Essentials

Simple steps in setting up Consolidation of Companies & Consolidated Reporting

Cerebiz Consolidation <p>Multilevel company consolidation and reporting. Flexibility when dealing with multiple company-files. Consolidated Dashboard with KPI’s - one screen view all companies. </p> <p>Simple account mapping process to </p> <p>Drill into lower level(s) to view/compare KPI’s or reports. Monitor performance across many levels. Monitor each company or group of companies. Greater visibility across one/many/all entities data-files. </p> <p>Ideal for Franchisor(s) / Franchisee(s). </p> <p>Company Consolidation made simple with Advanced Reporting.</p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Simple steps in setting up Consolidation of Companies & Consolidated Reporting
AccountRight Classic

Excel based reporting for easy, affordable business intelligence for businesses

Alchemex <p>Alchemex is a Business Intelligence tool that can be used for standard reporting or data analysis. The software has been designed for easy and rapid deployment. The powerful ready to use reporting templates are provided free and can be up and running on your data within minutes. Access to Alchemex for MYOB is online and Free trial software is available for all users.</p> <p>Alchemex is able to extract data and report from any ODBC compliant data source. The standard administrator module can be used to consolidate any number of MYOB companies or by using the features within the Administrator tool information from one or many external data sources can also be included in your reports. </p> <p>Standard Reports are automatically rendered directly into the familiar MS Excel environment so very little additional training is required to run, create or customize existing reports. </p> <p>If additional end user or CC training is required, the Alchemex Online Academy is available and caters for product related training as well as skills development for report writing and analysis. Ther are a Myriad of support structures available.</p> <p>Reports can be produced in different formats such as pdf, html or distributed directly via email, for users with more advanced requirements OLAP and web deployment is also available. </p> Excel based reporting for easy, affordable business intelligence for businesses reporting business intelligence
$150 per month
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Ideal for those with complex reporting needs

Calxa Premier <p>Calxa Premier is the leading add-on for complex budgeting and forecasting taking away the manual process and eliminating spreadsheets. Linking directly to MYOB, it adds grunt to the data available in the accounting system. With a library of 50+ reports and flexibility to customise your own, they are easily understood by non-accountants. Calxa saves time and is easy to use.</p> <h2>Reporting</h2> <p>Calxa’s report bundles are the ultimate time-saving tool, batching reports to be delivered with one click each month. KPIs and non-financial metrics easily track performance and unit costs. Whilst multi-tiered organisations can consolidate multiple MYOB files into consolidated reports. Use MYOB’s reporting levels or re-arrange your accounts to suit your audience. Customisation capabilities makes this a flexible tool and the document editor allows notes and commentary to be added.</p> <h2>Budgeting</h2> <p>Job or category budgeting is made easy using wizards and shortcuts. Easily set up bulk budgets for new reporting periods to track actuals vs budgets. Or simply use different budget versions to build scenarios or re-forecast unspent portions.</p> <h2>Cashflow Forecasting</h2> <p>Calxa will do the grunt work when projecting the cash position. It’s easy to predict bank balances month by month into the future incorporating balance sheet forecasts for quick 3-way business modelling. Statement of cashflow position and charts present a clear snapshot of the business. Compare the cashflow effect of different ‘What if’ scenarios to make informed decisions.</p> <h2>Calxa is suited for:</h2> <style> li { font-family: arial; margin-bottom: 0 !important; font-size: 14px !important;} </style> <ul> <li>Businesses that want better decision-making management reports or have commitments to the bank</li> <li>Not-for-profits that report to boards and grant providers or transition to NDIS funding models</li> <li>Accountants that need a productivity tool to add value to their client reporting service</li> </ul> <h2>Free eBook</h2> <p>Want to learn more about unit costing with Calxa and MYOB? Download a <strong>free</strong> copy of our <a href="">Unit Costing for Dummies eBook here.</a></p> Ideal for those with complex reporting needs reports
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Integrate your Healthcare PMS, Reconcile your bank account and distribute Doctor income

Surgical Partners <p>Surgical Partners is the Financial Management Platform for Medical Practices and their Doctors. We integrate any practice management system (the core systems that run the practices) with MYOB, and split the Doctor’s billings into practice share, and doctor share, in real time. </p> <p>Our iOS app shows Doctors what their real time share of billings is, in the palm of their hand, rather than waiting for a static contract invoice at the end of each payment period. Users of the platform can manage their practice with live data at the compliance accounting level, eradicating data entry and other manual financial workflows – resulting in substantial administrative & accounting savings, dramatically tighter financial controls, and improved financial engagement and retention of Doctors in the practice. </p> <p>We have a growing base of delighted clients across Practice Management Systems in both Australia and New Zealand. </p> Integrate your Healthcare PMS, Reconcile your bank account and distribute Doctor income Bluechip Genie Solutions Shexie Best Practice Medical Director Pracsoft Oasis
From $300
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Reports which will add significant value to you existing MYOB data

Sidekick Reports <h2>Features</h2> The purpose of Sidekick reports is to add further value to existing data held in your MYOB file.</p> Most reports focus on the following areas:</p> <ul class="square"> <li>Actual / Budget comparisons for Accounts</li> <li>Actual / Budget comparisons for Jobs</li> <li>Consolidated Balance Sheet and Profit &amp; Loss</li> <li>General Ledger transactions</li> <li>Inventory prices and turnover</li> <li>Profit and Loss by Trading Account</li> <li>Sales by Customer</li> <li>Sales by Item</li> <li>Sales by Salesperson</li> </ul> In some reports Customers and Items can be reported on by Custom List for example Customer Type, Region, Product Type etc</p> <ul class="square"> <li>Existing reports can be modified, further reports can be added</li> <li>No training requiredAll reports are included</li> </ul> View sample reports at <a href="" title="" onclick=""> </a> Reports which will add significant value to you existing MYOB data forecast advanced reporting jobs budgets sales reports income statement
Standard version AUD$1,400/year + GST
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Powerful budgeting, cashflow forecasting and scenario modelling with flexible options

Castaway | 3 way forecasting <p>Castaway Forecasting is a powerful and flexible 3-way budgeting, forecasting and business modelling tool. Our comprehensive set of reports and fully customisable dashboards give SMEs and their business advisor the data and insights to confidently make the right business decisions.</p> <p>As the pace of change and the level of uncertainty increases, Castaway makes it easy to model the financial impacts of a whole range of scenarios, months and years in advance. Being able to model the financial impact of any decision in advance makes all the difference in successfully improving cashflow and growing business value.<p> <p>Castaway was developed as a standalone tool, giving you the flexibility to develop models completely within Castaway without needing to be linked to any accounting package. So, it's easy to model an idea for a new business, or to do due diligence on a potential acquisition. However, if you are using MYOB AccountRight, the great news is that our integration means you can import a chart of accounts and opening balances or you import actuals data each month with just a few button clicks, saving time and hassle.<p> <p>Castaway's 3-way modelling approach means you can always be certain that your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow reports are in synch. With double entry accounting logic behind every number, you can be confident that the numbers are right, every time.</p> <p>Every account (or element) you create in Castaway has its own set of independent properties, which means you can create models that are much closer to reality and so more reliable for making business decisions.</p> <p>The Castaway chart of accounts can be customised to suit your business analysis needs. Departments, subtotals and sub-sub totals are easy to create. The MYOB AccountRight integration lets you map your MYOB chart across to the Castaway chart, no matter how different they are. Our Drivers elements encourage you to bring non-financial data into your forecast to drive budget numbers and also to build custom formulas on reports to show KPIs and other important metrics.</p> <p>Our Consolidations module let you create complex consolidations across multiple entities with different charts of accounts in just a few button clicks. Eliminations, minority interest and goodwill calculations are all taken care of as well.</p> <p>There are plenty more features packed into Castaway, so we invite you to take a look for yourself. To get started with a free 30 day trial, click through to <a href=""></a>, or email your details to <a href=""></a></p> Powerful budgeting, cashflow forecasting and scenario modelling with flexible options forecast budgeting forecasting KPI budget
Free 14-day Trial then from $10.00 per month
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Businesses need an easy way of monitoring business performance and seeing trends

My Business Manager <p>Is your accounting system giving you all the information you need to run your business? If not, then you need My Business Manager</p> <p>My Business Manager (MBM) is a management reporting and business planning system to compliment your existing accounting system. It monitors financial performance, enabling business analysis and “what-if” scenarios.</p> <p><p>Benefits to you:</p> <p>Continuous monitoring of your business financial results provides you with the reassurance that your business is on track. Simple, quick, operation – only a few minutes per month. Instant results. The extensive range of reports will highlight any financial issues and provide explanations and possible actions to resolve them. Forecasting “what-if” scenarios enables finetuning of prices and profit margins.</p> <p><p>Ways of running MBM:</p> <p>Business Owners / Managers – run the reports each month and, if problems are identified, ask your accountant or advisor for help.</p> <p>Book-keepers – add these reports to your existing services. If problems are identified, you can discuss them with the client or send the reports to their accountant for advice.</p> <p>Accountants and Advisors – MBM provides an easy, standardized process.</p> <p>Run the reports and provide advice on how to address issues that are identified.</p> Businesses need an easy way of monitoring business performance and seeing trends cashflow business advisory reporting budgeting growth marketing
EXO Advanced AccountRight Classic Retail Manager

Bag a glorious head start to business intelligence by selecting Phocas to complement MYOB.

Phocas Business Intelligence Software <p>Leverage your data with Phocas to improve reporting and analytical capabilities</p> <p>Bag a glorious head start to business intelligence by selecting Phocas to complement your MYOB offering. We know your Accounts and ERP System inside out and offer solutions to match your MYOB set up.</p> <p>You’ve got data. Bolt on best of breed data analytics to MYOB - even tie in other data sources too. And get results. </p> <p>Phocas Software is a business intelligence company that lives by its ‘get results’ mantra. Phocas provides a web-based solution allowing users access to critical data on any internet enabled device, anytime.</p> <p>No matter what MYOB offering you are using, Phocas seamlessly integrates to your ERP system to unleash your data’s full potential.</p> <p>From easy-to-use dashboards to the renowned lightning-fast analysis of your ERP data, everything is designed for nontechnical people. It means even the most detailed data queries can be completed in a few simple clicks.</p> <p>Phocas is used by thousands of customers in manufacturing, distribution, retailers worldwide.</p> Bag a glorious head start to business intelligence by selecting Phocas to complement MYOB.
Prices start from $9/month
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Tired of losing your receipts? Leave them with us and find them when you need it most

Easy Trace <p>Are you a sole trader or small business owner and tired of losing your receipts? We have a solution for you.</p> <p>Easy Trace will help you store your receipts for tax, audit and traceability purposes as well as being your secure archive of receipts to comply with ATO obligations.</p> <p>Easy Trace comes with an iPhone and Android mobile application for taking quick snaps of your receipts and invoices. All your snaps are uploaded to a cloud inbox for data entry, reporting and searching.</p> <p>You can also forward you digital receipts via an email or upload them via our drag and drop web interface.</p> <p>Data entry can be done by yourself or we can do it for you. If you chose to take advantage of our friendly service, our data entry team will take care of it and you can either export your expense report in an Excel format or publish directly to MYOB.</p> <p>Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our product or services.</p> Tired of losing your receipts? Leave them with us and find them when you need it most
14 Day free trial, $499/month
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The Essential Business Advisory & Client Management Tool for Accountants

PANALITIX <h3>PANALITIX + MYOB. A business advisor's dream.</h3> <p>A seamless data integration with MYOB AccountRight Live means you can forecast &amp; improve cashflow with scenarios that become so obvious from viewing one simple dashboard in PANALITIX.</p> <p>Facilitate innovation with the applications logic that helps you keep an eye on your clients financial performance and recommend business advisory solutions to them.</p> <h3>Every cloud should have a PANALITIX lining. </h3> <p>PANALITIX helps you to be a real time accountant and have conversations with clients about the future rather than the past based on their numbers. Some of the greatest features of PANALITIX are how you benefit, for example, you can use the: Firm &amp; Client Dashboard, Planning &amp; Growth Equation, Trends Analysis, Quick Targets, 3-way Rolling Cashflow, Future Plans, Client Alerts &amp; White-labelling.</p> <h3>One dashboard. Countless opportunities. </h3> <p>With a beautifully simple and neatly presented colour-coded alert system, you can see a real-time snapshot of how all your clients are tracking, monitor their performance and take appropriate action, all from the one screen. The Firm Dashboard highlights your clients targets vs actuals, irrespective of which cloud solution they're using. The Client Dashboard also let you view active alerts, review financials and reference advice as to what to look for to rectify any KPIs tracking below target.</p> <h3>Make static data jump off the page, with the click of a button. </h3> <p>Scared of talking to your clients? Let the Growth Equation guide a powerful conversation about what can be achieved in their business for you! With just the click of a button it highlights small changes that can have dramatic results. Supported by an extensive library of video training, agendas and checklists, including a full mock client meeting.</p> <h3>Testimonials</h3> <blockquote> "We rate PANALITIX as head and shoulders above everyone else; as content providers and as an offering" <footer>Craig Stanmore, Jaques Stanmore Financial Group</footer> </blockquote> <blockquote> "I've been looking for one easy to use system where I can present key client data, perform what-if & forecasting. now I have it!" <footer>Paul Martin, CA</footer> </blockquote> <blockquote> "I ran a BPR and Growth Equation which lead to a quarterly monitoring service for a client. Saw increase in fee from client from $2,000 PA to $12,000 PA." <footer>Troy Townley, HTA Advisory</footer> </blockquote> <p><a href="" onclick="_add_on_ga('send', 'event', 'addon-details', 'inDescription-FreeTrial', '180 (panalitix)');_add_on_ga('devTracker.send', 'event', 'myob-addon-event', 'myob-listing-inDescription-free-trial-btn', 'panalitix');" class="btn btn-success btn-lrg btn-block">Start your free 14 day trial now</a></p> <!-- live script --> <script type="text/javascript"> var __lc = {}; __lc.license = 3926511; (function() { var lc = document.createElement('script'); lc.type = 'text/javascript'; lc.async = true; lc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc, s); })(); </script> The Essential Business Advisory & Client Management Tool for Accountants KPI monitoring client success business advisory business growth client management future planning rolling cashflow
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Simple and flexible downloading of MYOB AR Live records to Excel from cloud or on-premise

EasyDownloader <p>Viadata is a software company based in Melbourne, Australia specialised in simplifying data integration for small to medium sized organizations.</p> <p>Viadata can assist in developing and maintaining your integration solution in the most cost effective manner using web based collaborative design tools and remote consultation/configuration using TeamViewer.</p> Simple and flexible downloading of MYOB AR Live records to Excel from cloud or on-premise
Annual maintenance after first year of $AUD80.
AccountRight Live

Flexible integration between AccountRight Live, MS SQL databases and Excel without coding

Viaconnect Workflow Kit <p>Viaconnect simplifies connecting MYOB AccountRight Live with your business systems, saving you time and money. Viaconnect's workflow integration is both powerful and flexible, enabling rapid configuration of business logic and building of integration points with no coding.</p> <p>The Workflow Kit for MYOB connects to SQL Server databases and Excel spreadsheets, and can be extended to connect to other business systems through adding further connectors."</p> Flexible integration between AccountRight Live, MS SQL databases and Excel without coding excel database SQL sync data Integration

Excel-based financial and project reporting for MYOB Advanced

Velixo Reports <p>Velixo Reports is an Excel-based reporting tool that was built from the ground up for MYOB Advanced, by MYOB Advanced Experts. Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel and more than 45 functions specially designed to work with General Ledger and Project data. </p> <p>Just connect using your MYOB Advanced login credentials and start building Excel spreadsheets that instantly include MYOB Advanced data. Every function is documented through the Excel IntelliSense feature, and detailed help is available from our support center if you need.</p> <p>As an MYOB-first and MYOB-only product, Velixo Reports provides a tight integration and leverages the unique capabilities of your cloud ERP with features such as Smart Drilldown, Smart Refresh, consolidations and advanced security (including row-level security and restriction groups)</p> <p><Strong>Key features</strong><br /> - Easily connect Excel to your MYOB Advanced GL and PM Data<br /> - No learning curve: as easy as Excel, as powerful as Acumatica Analytical Reports<br /> - Live Results & Lightning Fast Display<br /> - Smart Drilldown to MYOB Advanced<br /> - Smart Refresh for optimal performance<br /> - Consolidations with full details<br /> - Unified Security Model</p> Excel-based financial and project reporting for MYOB Advanced
from $150/month
AccountRight Live

MyTrucking is an incredibly simple Transport Management Programme

MyTrucking <p>MyTrucking is an incredibly simple Transport Management Programme.</p> <p>MyTrucking has been designed alongside a trucking company to ensure we build a specific programme for Transport Management, but to also ensure it is simple and practical. Throw away that diary and embrace the simplicity of MyTrucking. Day Sheets, Reporting, and Invoicing are done quickly, accurately and most importantly it's so easy with MyTrucking.</p> MyTrucking is an incredibly simple Transport Management Programme
From $500 per month
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FoodStorm offers world class catering software to caterers and restaurants globally.

FoodStorm Catering Software <p><a href="""">FoodStorm</a> has been helping caterers achieve their goals for over 9 years. Our dedicated team have a passion for food and technology. A winning combination!</p> <p>We are experts in technology, and our software is backed by extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the catering industry.</p> <p>FoodStorm is continually developing leading edge technology to help caterers achieve their full potential. With a full pipeline of development deployed each year, our clients stay on top of the game. FoodStorm integrations are state of the art and provide powerful tools for our clients to utilise everyday.</p> <p>We assist our customers in a number of ways, and in the following areas: <li>Implementation - By working with our clients throughout the implementation process, we ensure they have the right system and setup they require.</li> <li>Ongoing support - We provide prompt and professional ongoing support to all customers. We can be reached via our phone number, or through our ticketed email support system.</li> <li>World class technology - We use the best technology to ensure your data is secure and backed up at all times, as well as being always available.</li></p> <p>Contact us at <a href="""">FoodStorm</a> today to discuss how our catering software platform can best serve your business.</p> FoodStorm offers world class catering software to caterers and restaurants globally.
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FUTRLI is the all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool for businesses and advisors

FUTRLI <p>Futrli helps business owners and accountants make better business decisions. Our powerful visualisation, alerting and forecasting features enable business owners and advisors to understand their current position, and the future potential of a business, making light work of business planning. </p> <p><strong>Cashflow forecasting</strong><br /> Make use of unlimited forecasts created in seconds from your actual and real-time data. Build projections from scratch or import existing budgets to produce beautiful 3-way cashflow forecasts. Project up to 10 years and use your forecast information to navigate client businesses past obstacles.</p> <p><strong>Reporting</strong><br /> Create clean and smart dashboards for clients to see a full view of their business. Reporting is made easy with pre built templates, or create from scratch for a custom report on any company. Produce dashboards and then simply hit print to get a PDF version for clients to takeaway, with flexible layouts and data options.</p> <p><strong>Alerts</strong><br /> Monitor key changes in business data by adding financial, non-financial and KPI alerts to buffer client spending. Set up custom alerts to be notified before the alerts trigger, giving you time to adjust and prevent problems. Receive notifications in-app or via email, so your clients know their businesses are being monitored 24/7.</p> <p><strong>White labelling</strong><br /> Full white labelling allows you to make the Futrli platform yours by signing up for white labelling. Bringing all of your branding together and taking the software out of the conversation, present your very own forecasting tech for clients. Style every PDF report, dashboard, forecast and alert with your firm’s logo and colour.</p> <p><strong>Certification</strong><br /> Futrli Advisory Certification is industry-leading and CPD-accredited. Upskill your team to master the Futrli platform and learn how to navigate past internal roadblocks when rolling out advisory services, and how to scale your new offerings. Perfect for the trailblazers in your firm to pave the way to advisory. </p> <p>Get in touch with our team to find out more about the Futrli platform and training tools, and visit the Futrli website to start your free 7-day trial.</p> FUTRLI is the all-in-one forecasting and reporting tool for businesses and advisors
Freemium - Free or $19 USD/month
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Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard that helps monitor your business data in one spot

Cyfe <p>Cyfe <> is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place (e.g. finance, social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure, etc).</p> <p><strong>&bull; Monitor Everything</strong>: Monitor individual departments, multiple websites and anything else using dashboards.<br /> <strong>&bull; Pre-built Widgets</strong>: Pull data from popular services like MYOB, Google and Salesforce using pre-built widgets.<br /> <strong>&bull; Custom Data Sources</strong>: Securely display data from your company's databases using custom widgets.<br /> <strong>&bull; Real-time Reports</strong>: Share dashboards with management, customers and virtually anybody else.<br /> <strong>&bull; Historical Data</strong>: Data from the past is archived within Cyfe, so you will never lose sight of it again.<br /> <strong>&bull; Data Exports</strong>: Download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats.<br /> <strong>&bull; TV Mode</strong>: Automatically rotate one or more dashboards for your big screen monitor.<br /> <strong>&bull; Customizations</strong>: Branded reports, domain name mapping, dashboard backgrounds, and more.</p> Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard that helps monitor your business data in one spot
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Dealer Management System simplifying the way motor dealers manage and sell their vehicles.

EasyCars <p>EasyCars is a state of the art, web-based dealership management solution which incorporates the latest trends and features ranging from operations management to advertising and lead generation.</p> <p>It is an online, easy to use, robust system that is a result of constant research, innovation and feedback from car dealers over the years. The state of the art dealer software gives you the flexibility to use the program anywhere and anytime. EasyCars is suitable for new and used car, motorcycle, bike, boat, truck, campervan or caravan, dealerships.</p> <h2>Features & Benefits</h2> <ul> <li><b>Stock Management:</b> Manage contracts, invoices, Vehicle Costing, floor plan, stock control and purchasing</li> <li><b>Redbook Data:</b> Inbuilt Redbook making data entry easy and error free</li> <li><b>Compliance:</b> Up to date compliance forms, police and dealings book for all states Australia Wide</li> <li><b>Photo App:</b> Take photos from your mobile and have it automatically sync to EasyCars</li> <li><b>Unlimited Users:</b> There are no restrictions on the number of users you can have with the new EasyCars</li> <li><b>Advertising:</b> Advertise to all major car advertisers and have the flexibility to schedule and customise your vehicle feed.</li> <li><b>PPSR / Car History Reports:</b> Ensure you’re getting the best price before you buy your car, purchase PPSR or Car History reports in EasyCars</li> <li><b>Reports:</b> A report overview of all your sold vehicles</li> </ul> <p>Transform the way you drive your dealership… <b>Get A FREE Demo of EasyCars Web</b>.</p> <p>Currently using another DMS? Change is just a phone call away. Call 02 9623 6403 to understand how EasyCars can simplify yard operations and help you sell more cars. We can import your data from another system with a 90% success rate. </p> Dealer Management System simplifying the way motor dealers manage and sell their vehicles.
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Create custom reports using blended data from multiple apps, no more spreadsheets.

Savvy Reports <p>Savvy Reports saves time and money and helps businesses make better decisions based on real-time, consolidated data. We provide an easy to use custom report building tool, three-way forecasts and customisable dashboards allowing you to answer key business questions. Manage cashflow, accelerate growth and spot trends in your business with our all in one cloud reporting and forecasting software.</p> <p><strong>Blended reports<strong><br> Create your very own custom reports using blended data from all of your cloud applications. You will no longer need to use those cumbersome spreadsheets, no more pivoting tables. Consolidate data from multiple sources or use just one.</p> <p><strong>Cashflow forecasting<strong><br> Using your actual historical data, you can build an accurate three-way forecast in seconds. Monitoring your cashflow is essential, so project up to ten years with your data. See scenario variations on the fly with What-If.</p> <p><strong>Dashboards<strong><br> Manage your business quickly and accurately with online dashboards to help make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes. Customisable charts & graphs to fit your needs helping report on all data in real time.</p> <p><strong>Data consolidation<strong><br> Consolidate multiple company files into unified profit & loss or balance sheet monthly management reports. Connect and consolidate up to 100 company files with multiple currency conversion supported.</p> <p><strong>User access control<strong><br> Our unique and secure user access control helps you seamlessly collaborate over business scenarios, with your team and clients. Invite your clients into your Savvy Reports organisation and give them access to <strong>only</strong> their data. Share reports, dashboards and forecasts designed by advisers for business owners.</p> <p><strong>White labeling<strong><br> Customise Savvy Reports with your own branding to create a special experience for your team and clients.</p> <p>Visit the Savvy Reports website today for your free trial or contact our team for more information.</p> Create custom reports using blended data from multiple apps, no more spreadsheets.
From $50 per year
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Test, measure, record and improve your performance

RYODATA Reporting <p>The <strong>RYODATA &reg; </strong>software duplicates many of the tables within your MYOB datafiles and stores them locally on your PC or network. &nbsp;The software integrates with your data whether its stored locally or in the cloud. &nbsp;From here there are over 60 reports that will assist in the day to day management of your business. &nbsp;They are organised into the following groups, are available as a whole, some are available as standalone applications.</p> <p><strong> Worth a Look</strong>&nbsp;&ndash; For Management: &nbsp;A collection of reports identifying anomalies and KPI's. Identify items in stock that can be released from backorder, items that are inactive but with positive stock on hand, items with negative quantity available, &nbsp;items on customer orders, items on supplier orders, items needing ordering, purchase orders pending, inventory inwards pending, outstanding quotes (currently MYOB AccountRight Classis only), current stock value, total outstanding debtors, customer accounts over credit limit, sales averages, items with gst calculations made on Base Retail Price not Actual selling price. All the above are also summarised onto a single page plus Average $ Sales, total sales value and average invoice value over previous 100 days. A graphical representation of stock &ldquo;age&rdquo;.</p> <p><strong>Customer Information</strong>&nbsp;- For Marketing: Lists all your customers contact details on screen or to a file. Create csv files for importing into other applications.</p> <p><strong>Customer Receivables</strong>&nbsp;- For Accounts Receivable : &nbsp;Lists all overdue invoices with key customer contact details to your screen or to a file. Lists all overdue accounts with contact details, lists all customers in credit. &nbsp;Great tool to chase up debtors.</p> <p><strong>Customer Purchases</strong>&nbsp;- For Sales: Know what your customers are buying and when. &nbsp;Give these reports to your customers to assist them in their purchasing.</p> <p><strong>Inventory</strong>&nbsp;- Keep a hard copy record of every item and its details including margins plus a handy blank template for new items.</p> <p><strong>Inventory Usage</strong>&nbsp;- For Purchasing - If your buying from suppliers (or manufacturing) these reports are invaluable. &nbsp;They will show you exactly what quatities of individual items are selling, in units, in sales dollars, GP dollars and margin. A further report shows all data for each item in one easy to read list.</p> <p><strong>Price Books</strong>&nbsp;- Create your own Price Book (daily if you want) to give to your customers as a hard copy or as a pdf for email. &nbsp;Your price book will always be up to date. No need to have 1000 printed at your local printer as you can now print 1 or 100 with your current pricing to your laser printer. Consider having a customised report produced with your logo's, terms and any other data you wish.</p> <p><strong>Pricing Fields</strong>&nbsp;- Investigate your inventory margins looking at current buy price, historic bought price etc. &nbsp;Sort by margin to look for poor pricing. &nbsp;Great tool when updating supplier pricing.</p> <p><strong>Stock Valuations</strong>&nbsp;- Look for anomalies between the recorded value of goods, compared to current buy pricing and current last buy price. &nbsp;This report will often identify weaknesses in procedures.</p> <p><strong>Stocktaking</strong> - Print stocktake sheets anytime for your entire store or by supplier. Speak to us about ways to record your bin locations in a way the sorting can be replicated in the stocktake sheets.</p> <p><strong>Supplier Information</strong>&nbsp;- For Marketing : Lists your suppliers contact details, create csv files for importing into other applications.</p> <p><strong>Supplier Ordering</strong>&nbsp;- For Purchasing : &nbsp;Look at your current usage (by month) against settings for static ordering. &nbsp;A VERY VALUABLE TOOL for replenishment ordering and resetting your &ldquo;Reorder Level&rdquo; and &ldquo;Reorder Quantities&rdquo;.</p> <p><strong>Try today - Free 30 day trial</strong></p> <p>Once installed, the data is easily accessible for further customised reporting to suit your particular needs.</p> Test, measure, record and improve your performance
From $40/month
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The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry.

Inzant Sales <p>The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry by seamlessly transferring orders into MYOB. With integrated and visually appealing catalogues and images, barcode scanning and stock replenishment order modes, the iPad App provides workflows to suit the whole sales team.</p> <p>Orders are processed instantaneously from the iPad, meaning time consuming paper intensive tasks and data entry is eliminated. The Inzant Sales backend system serves a 1 data point, full eCommerce hub supporting instant data transfers between Inzant Sales and MYOB. We also provide quality phone, email and online support for all system users.</p> <p><strong><span style="color:rgb(24, 164, 81)">Sales Reps Lives become better!&nbsp;They have access to;</span></strong></p> <ul> <li>Unlimited structured catalogue or image presentations</li> <li>Dynamic &lsquo;on the fly&rsquo; presentations</li> <li>Multiple ordering mode options, with smooth transition between order modes</li> <li>Entire customer ordering history is stored on the iPad Private customer call notes, in addition to product &amp; order notes</li> <li>Forward dated ordering functionality</li> </ul> <p><span style="color:rgb(20, 165, 81)"><strong>Inzant Sales&nbsp;allows users to access intuitive and useful information quickly and easily; </strong></span></p> <ul> <li>Electronic signature and optional image capturing</li> <li>Show Item stock levels, in addition to low and very low warnings on the iPad.</li> <li>&nbsp;Easily handles complex retailer &amp; product discounting and bonus item pricing rules</li> <li>Complex multiple supplier and multiple pricelist situations are easily handled</li> </ul> <p><strong><span style="color:rgb(16, 164, 80)">Inzant Sales Easy Management Features allows Management to Focus on Sales Improvements rather then day to day processes.</span></strong></p> <ul> <li>Geolocational&nbsp;User Tracking</li> <li>Over&nbsp;1400&nbsp;System&nbsp;Reports&nbsp;as&nbsp;Standard</li> <li>Easy&nbsp;Territory&nbsp;Management</li> <li>Efficient&nbsp;Call&nbsp;Cycle&nbsp;and&nbsp;Route&nbsp;Planning</li> <li>Improved&nbsp;Staff&nbsp;accountability&nbsp;and&nbsp;transparency</li> <li>Central management of Products, Orders, Retailers and Staff</li> <li>Easy&nbsp;Campaign&nbsp;Management&nbsp;with&nbsp;Comprehensive&nbsp;Reporting</li> </ul> The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry.
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A new way of managing your work orders, staff and clients

myPSR <p><strong>What is myPSR?</strong></p> <p>myPSR a new way to manage your work orders, staff and clients.</p> <p>It’s a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Operators can use the software via an app (iPhone and Android) and administrators can access the myPSR dashboard via a web browser on their Mac or PC.</p> <p>myPSR is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. With real-time visibility on work order status, client access and a number of useful modules, it’s designed to help businesses manage their work, staff and clients better and get paid faster.</p> <p><strong>myPSR will help you:</strong><br /> &bull;Take control of your business<br /> &bull;Secure client access portal<br /> &bull;Save time and money<br /> &bull;Look professional and win more work<br /> &bull;Improve productivity<br /> &bull;Improve communication between your staff and clients</p> <p><strong>Who did we build it for?</strong><br /> &bull;Commercial Cleaning<br /> &bull;Maintenance<br /> &bull;Electricians<br /> &bull;Plumbers & Gasfitters<br /> &bull;Locksmiths<br /> &bull;HVAC technicians<br /> &bull;Refrigeration specialists<br /> &bull;Pest control<br /> &bull;Cleaners<br /> &bull;Gardening & lawncare<br /> &bull;Poolcare<br /> &bull;Handymen</p> <p>With myPSR, your business is equipped to manage every quote, job, invoice, payment and more, all in the one place.</p> <p>We ensure you have no messy paperwork. Whether your business is small or large or anywhere in between, myPSR helps you work more efficiently in the office and out in the field. Getting the job done on time has never been easier.</p> <p><strong>Job Management</strong><br /> Track every job and clients’ request with the capacity to have all task information available to everyone (including your customers).</p> <p><strong>Client management</strong><br /> Free portal for your clients to log into and view the status of their jobs, job history as well as run their reports.</p> <p><strong>Building strategic partnerships</strong><br /> Partnering with the Australian Property Council we are strong advocates in supporting and promoting the future leaders of our industry.</p> <p><strong>Quoting, Asset Management and more</strong><br /> The tool to ensure you deliver the highest level of Customer Service – all your clients’ requests and compliance documents in the one place – making your job easier and ensuring the wow factor to your clients.</p> <p><strong>Help & Support</strong><br /> We are based in Melbourne and can be contacted via phone (1300 169 777) or <a href="">via our website</a></p> <p>Our online Help Center has an huge range of help articles, setup guides, video tutorials, training, and tips & tricks to become a myPSR expert - visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>Get started with myPSR for free</strong><br /> Sign up for a <a href="">free forever 2 user account</a>. No obligation. No credit card required. Full access and nothing to ever pay</p> <p>Pricing is nice and simple: 2 users for free and each additional user is only $4 per month.</p> A new way of managing your work orders, staff and clients
$79 per month
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Reep provides a window of opportunity and gives you a helicopter view of your financials

Reep <p>Reep helps small business owners understand their cash flow highs and lows - this provides insight and inspiration to help focus on financial risk and cash flow management.</p> <p>Reep seamlessly integrates with MYOB; turning the accounting data into visual reporting that is intuitive and user friendly, enabling the user to understand the numbers easily and create scenarios for future planning</p> <p>Reep allows businesses to stress less about their cash flow by providing control and agility for growth and profit.</p> <script type="text/javascript"> window.$zopim || (function (d, s) { var z = $zopim = function (c) { z._.push(c) }, $ = z.s = d.createElement(s), e = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; z.set = function (o) { z.set. _.push(o) }; z._ = []; z.set._ = []; $.async = !0; $.setAttribute("charset", "utf-8"); $.src = "//"; z.t = +new Date; $. type = "text/javascript"; e.parentNode.insertBefore($, e) })(document, "script"); </script> <!-- End of Zopim Live Chat Script--> Reep provides a window of opportunity and gives you a helicopter view of your financials
From $17 (AUD)
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AutoEntry automates data entry by posting receipts, invoices and statements into MYOB

AutoEntry <p>AutoEntry automates data entry by accurately and securely, capturing and posting receipts, invoices, statements, bills and more into MYOB. </p> <p>AutoEntry makes users more productive, by letting them focus on running their business rather than doing admin. It leverages advanced learnings in artificial intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to help its customers reduce time spent on paperwork and gain a competitive edge in their industry. </p> <p>Available as a web and mobile app, businesses prefer AutoEntry due to its flexible pricing and broad range of features. </p> <p><strong>Customer benefits:</strong><br /> - Flexible document capture: AutoEntry automates the capture of data from scanned and photographed images of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts and more<br /> - Full line item detail: AutoEntry accurately captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line <br /> - Purchase order matching: AutoEntry syncs captured invoices to matching, open purchase orders <br /> - Smart analysis: AutoEntry remembers how users analyse and process invoices and receipts, including which supplier account, nominal and tax codes are assigned<br /> - A secure platform: AutoEntry employs best practice security policies, including encryption across the platform</p> <p><strong>Getting started:</strong><br /> - Scan, snap or email a copy of the document you want to capture <br /> - AutoEntry extracts and analyzes your data <br /> - Once done, items will appear in your inbox for you to approve into MYOB</p> <p> Get your <a href="">free trial of AutoEntry today</a>.</p> AutoEntry automates data entry by posting receipts, invoices and statements into MYOB
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A business intelligence suite that provide visual reports on your company's health

Analysis-One <p>Analysis-One is a cloud based business intelligence suite that uses sophisticated performance measurement and assessment tools, providing quick, visual reports on your organisation’s health, weaknesses and value.</p> <p>Analysis-One protects and grows enterprise value by using an interpretive performance measurement framework of financial and non-financial key performance indicators(KPI’s). With dynamic visual representations, analysing and acting on business performance has never been so focused.</p> <p><b>Financial scorecard</b> <br /> The financial scorecard highlights instantly the areas of success and concern in the business using a very visual performance report. Analysis-One uploads your financial statements and allows you to apply up to twenty-two financial ratios used by the accounting profession on a daily basis. These ratios provide an excellent picture of the financial health of your organisation in six key areas:</p> <ul><li>Profitability</li> <li>Liquidity</li> <li>Working Capital</li> <li>Gearing</li> <li>Asset Usage</li> <li>Efficiency</li></ul></p> Analysis-One allows targets to be set to reflect best practice or suit your individual goals. Operational KPI scorecard The Operational Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Scorecard instantly illustrates the progress of the nonfinancial (lead) indicators of the business. These indicators are completely customisable to suit your specific industry and business. The lead indicators are designed to give management time to see and ‘step-in’ if there is a problem, before the impact is felt on the financial statements (lag indicators). Areas such as client and staff satisfaction, sales and rework can all be monitored. Our experience tells us that if ‘lead indicators’ are measured and managed, the ‘lag indicators’ take care of themselves." A business intelligence suite that provide visual reports on your company's health
From $100/month

The complete budgeting and forecasting solution MYOBExo integrated

Forecast 5 <p>Forecast 5 is a comprehensive budgeting and forecasting product. Purpose built to remove all the errors associated with Excel budgets and provide sophisticated rolling forecasts and actuals variance analysis. Forecast 5 provides a range of data entry methods and cashflow options leading to the generation of budgets and accurate cashflows with a full financial reporting including Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Balance sheet and funds flow for up to 15 years. </p> <p>As an Integrated solution Forecast 5 allows prior years data to be imported in to Forecast5 then extend the data with percentage changes to create the next years budgets and cashflows. Import of actuals and the entry of rolling budget simplifies the process to provide variance analysis against the original budget and the new forecasted results. </p> <p>The use of record types such as Wages, Accruals & prepayments, Stock on hand and stock allow a complete budget of all the major processes of an entity. Options to budget by KPI’s last year Zero or Metrix budgets are all supported. Together with complete balance sheet records such as Fixed assets, Loans, bank accounts and many more.</p> <p>This software is up to 10 times faster than excel and more accurate. Handling currencies and what if scenarios make the solution ideal for any entity with a budget need who wants to save time in getting their budgets done and know they are accurate for that final presentation to the board, the bank or stakeholders</p> The complete budgeting and forecasting solution MYOBExo integrated
$65/month + GST
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Online software tailor made for running a mechanic workshop

Workshop Mate <p>Workshop Mate is a feature packed workshop management software, designed to save you both time and effort, with an easy to use interface, packed full of useful features and free support. It was developed with the end user in mind, creating a powerful, yet easy to use mechanic workshop solution to assist in the everyday running of your automotive workshop. it includes invoicing, quotes, job cards, bookings, stock control, reminders and more.</p> <p>Workshop mate is used by mechanic workshops and service centres. It enables workshop owners to provide excellent service to their customers while maximising profits. Workshop Mate helps manage the complete life-cycle of a repair or a service job, from booking the job in, through to quoting, purchase order numbers, ordering spare parts, logging mechanic’s time, stock control, invoicing, and return of the job to the customer.Behind Workshop Mate is a support team that listens & most importantly responds quickly. We get great satisfaction in doing things well. Our support team is one of our greatest software features. </p> Online software tailor made for running a mechanic workshop

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