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Software and support to help Childcare centres thrive through simpler more efficient admin

SmartFees <p>Smartfees provides Childcare centres with the tools they need to administer centre operations, parent payments and government rebates. To simplify your centre administration, integration with MYOB and our payment gateway is included in all version of the product. Smartfees has both cloud and desktop versions. Cloud versions also integrate with our parent portal to streamline enrolments and contact information updates even further.</p> <p>SmartFees will help transform your business to help you meet compliance obligations and grow revenue. SmartFees is the only CCMS software in Australia that is a registered partner with MYOB, it is also a registered CCMS cloud solution with the Department of Social Services and has been in operation for 29 years. With SmartFees you can log on anytime, anywhere. As it's subscription based and hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about performing any updates or backups as it's all done for you automatically. </p> <h2>Business Support</h2> <p>SmartFees will support you all the way. There are qualified staff on hand with the experience to conduct business analysis and provide recommendations on cash flow issues, looking at credit management facilities and marketing your business.</p> <h2>Technical Support</h2> <p>As a customer, whenever you contact support for assistance, your case will be managed by one person throughout the whole process through to completion. So you don't have to waste any of your time to get a technical issue resolved. </p> <h2>Opening a new centre?</h2> <p>If you're starting from scratch The SmartFees Team can help you get your back office running smoothly with the right tools and support so you can concentrate on the kids. Handy guides, great tools with the right technical and business support can tip the balance from struggle to smart. </p> <h2>Switching from another provider?</h2> <p>If you're currently with another CCMS provider and looking at switching, SmartFees can make the process easy. The support team will be with you throughout the whole transition to help you get the best out your new system and your administration processes.</p> Software and support to help Childcare centres thrive through simpler more efficient admin childcare
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Membership Manager provides time and cost savings for many organisations.

Membership Manager <h5>Invoicing</h5> invoices can be created for selected groups of Members eg "Full Members" invoices can be created for members in a selected Event an invoice can be created for a selected Item in MYOB Members can be filtered by Branch or Region <h5>Events</h5> Events can be social events, teams, committees, or any other group of members Notes can be added for each member of an event (eg ‘Treasurer’) Reports can be used to show each member of an event, including their notes Invoices can be created for members of any selected event <h5>Reports</h5> A range of reports is available, including: Member names, addresses and other details Members included in each event Member lists in order of member type Membership Manager provides time and cost savings for many organisations. membership
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EPoS for Tourist sites covering membership, admission, booking, hospitaliy and retail

Meridian Tourist Providing a complete solution for Irish Tourist sites for nearly two decades we can now introduce Meridian Tourist to the Australian Tourist market. Handling everything from Tour Booking, admissions, membership, Hospitality and retail it provides a comprehensive piece of software which coupled with the integration with MYOB AccountRight will prove to be a unique solution to meet the needs of any tourist site from single till operation to multi till multi site operations. EPoS for Tourist sites covering membership, admission, booking, hospitaliy and retail
Prices start from $3500+GST

Complete Magento 2 extension for MYOB Exo for B2B and B2C

Magento 2 extension for MYOB Exo <p>Netable is a Full Service Digital Agency built on the foundation of Trust, Value and Relationship. Our focus is on working together to make our clients’ business goals a success and we are dedicated to achieving this.</p> <p>Netable has exhibited a commitment to client satisfaction for over 16 years. We have experience in integrating Magento store with <a href=>MYOB Exo.</a> </p> Complete Magento 2 extension for MYOB Exo for B2B and B2C
$29 onwards
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Your complete bookings and property management system

ResBook <p>ResBook is a one stop cloud based property management system for all your reservation needs. ResBook is ideal for single holiday homes, B&Bs, inns, small hotels, villas, resorts and retreats. ResBook Pro offers advanced features for vacation homes, holiday rental properties or villas managers. ResBook offers a multitude of integrations to the channels and systems you need, which is why so many accommodation providers refer to ResBook as "The Hub" of their business.</p> <p>Direct Online Bookings: Take online bookings directly on your website - commission free!</p> <p>Integrate with leading online channels: Connect to online travel websites (, expedia and others) and your bookings will drop directly into Resbook</p> <p>Optional Add Ons: Manage all aspects of your business by choosing features to suit your needs. From Promotional codes, contact management to housekeeping, Resbook does it all</p> <p>Pricing: Pay for only what you need, choose from a fixed price or pay per booking - you decide.</p> Your complete bookings and property management system
Sign up for an MYOB PayBy merchant account and access Rerun for no additional charges
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Recurring Billing. Simplified

Rerun <p>Rerun allows you to process recurring, subscription or membership invoices and payments, automate your customer email communication and manage failed transactions and time-consuming exceptions.</p> <p>Automate your billing workflow by processing customer payments based on your unique business needs.</p> <p>Easily handle declines and exceptions. Spend less time dealing with failed payments and expiring credit cards.</p> <p>Manage customer or client communication by automatically sending customized emails based on configurable trigger events.</p> <p>Sync your customers, items, taxes and successful payments between Rerun and MYOB AccountRight.</p> <p>Set up a secure, hosted Checkout process so that your customers to register for your services without lifting a finger.</p> <p>Great for any business billing their customers on a recurring basis, such as:</p> <li>Accountants</li> <li>Auto Detailing</li> <li>Bookkeepers</li> <li>Clubs & Organizations</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Dance Studios</li> <li>Daycare Centers</li> <li>Delivery Services</li> <li>Dog Walkers</li> <li>Fitness Centers</li> <li>Home Security Systems</li> <li>House Cleaning Businesses</li> <li>Lawn Care & Landscaping Services</li> <li>Marketing Firms</li> <li>Martial Arts & Karate Classes</li> <li>Massage Therapy & Spa</li> <li>Music Teachers</li> <li>Nonprofits</li> <li>Pest Control</li> <li>Pet Sitters</li> <li>Personal Trainers</li> <li>Phone & Internet Services</li> <li>Pool Cleaners</li> <li>Private Schools & Institutions</li> <li>Property Management</li> <li>Religious Organizations</li> <li>Self Storage Facilities</li> <li>Shared Workspaces</li> <li>Small Businesses</li> <li>Subscription Boxes</li> <li>Tech & Computer Support</li> <li>Tutoring & Learning Centers</li> <li>Water Delivery Services</li> <li>Web Designers & Developers</li> <li>Weight Loss Centers</li> Recurring Billing. Simplified

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