The MYOB Partner Program

The MYOB Partner Program is an initiative that rewards your skill, expertise and efforts in delivering success to your clients.

Exclusive membership benefits


Commissions and Rebates

As an MYOB Partner, you have access to a large range of commissions and discounts. As your Partner status skyrockets, the cost of helping your clients will plummet!


Huge savings on products

Not only do you receive MYOB Essentials free (one per practice) for your clients, you will also receive a 50% discount on your own AccountRight file subscription (one per practice). This AccountRight file subscription will also become free to Silver and above partners.


Qualified support team

You'll have exclusive access to our team of expert Partner Managers who will be available via phone, email or online to get the support you need, when you need it.



As a Partner, you'll join an online community of active professionals to share knowledge, information and tools that can help you get that extra reach for success.


Online co-branded marketing portal

Gain access to MYOB branding tools so that when you help your clients achieve their success, everyone knows that you have the support of MYOB behind you.


Online training & events

Expand your expertise with our self-paced learning, onsite training and free webinars. Take advantage of MYOB's Partner resources whenever it suits you.

Improve your status and your rewards

As an MYOB Partner, you can earn reward points by helping your clients. The higher your status, the better the discounts and benefits. Increase your points and see your rewards start flowing in.

 Earn one point for each of the following:


Online Businesses

Points are awarded through creating online business relationships with clients on MYOB Essentials, Connected Ledger and AccountRight. Earn points whether you set up the file or your client invites you.



Your clients receive their first 30 days FREE when you set them up with online software such as MYOB Essentials or AccountRight. When a client uses a quote generated by you as the referring Partner, you get the points!

                        *Referral points will expire every 12 months


Event Attendance

Attend MYOB events such as Partner Connect or Incite. Gain valuable insight networking with industry experts and boost your expertise.

                        *Event attendance points will expire every 12 months


Community forum solutions

Earn points when you provide verified solutions in MYOB's community forum and set an example how to achieve your success

                        *Community forum points will expire every 12 months

Earn 10 additional points as a Certified Consultant

Certified Consultants are an exclusive group of highly trained MYOB Partners who have demonstrated their expertise in MYOB solutions. When you qualify to be a Certified Consultant, you'll receive bigger rewards and exclusive opportunities to help deliver more benefit to your clients. 

*On an annual basis you will gain the opportunity to be rewarded an additional 10 points for re-certification


Your business promoted by MYOB

We'll advertise your business on our website along with your exclusive Certified Consultant logo.


Exclusive networking opportunities

Get a leg up on your competition when you receive free tickets to MYOB industry events and gain access to ongoing education and training that increases your skills and expertise.


Specialised training

Every year, you'll be re-certified so you can keep ahead of the game, up to date and earn even more points!


Become a Silver Partner with a bonus 30 points!

Do you have an existing Accountants Office or Accountants Enterprise practice solution? If you do, you will earn an additional 30 points when you join the MYOB Partner Program. That means you instantly become a Silver Partner!

Let’s get started

Membership to the MYOB Partner Program is free.

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