Scale with a cloud ERP system that matches your practice's growing ambitions

MYOB Advanced Professional Services is a customisable business management platform, giving you real-time visibility and control of your practice.

MYOB Advanced Professional Services connects every part of your business — all in the cloud

MYOB Advanced Professional Services delivers enterprise capability across accounting and professional services firms – from practice management to marketing, finance to payroll, and managing quotes to getting paid. It's a cloud ERP platform with native practice management capabilities explicitly designed for ambitious accounting and professional services firms.

Manage your entire business from one place, in real-time and with a complete 360-degree view for unrivalled accuracy. As a result, you can make faster and more informed decisions across all operational levels and drive the profitability and value of your business.

See the whole picture with data you can trust 

With all your data in one platform, you can take advantage of the easy to analyse, highly customisable and accurate reports. 

Keep your team moving with fast, up-to-date software 

Introduce automated workflows, remote access and Australian support teams to your practice and avoid systems that slow you down.

Everything your teams need to support clients — in one place 

Track your pipeline from an opportunity, to an engagement, to an invoice. Ensure your team, no matter what department, has access to the details they need to build strong relationships.

Integration from your ERP to your MYOB practice solution

MYOB Advanced Professional Services includes one-way integration with MYOB Accountants Office and MYOB Accountants Enterprise. Manage critical data within your practice in one place including client details, addresses and user access.

Practice Management Reporting: An intergrated and detailed dashboard

A scalable, feature-rich business management platform

Expertly designed for accounting and professional services firms, MYOB Advanced Professional Services has all the features you need to grow and scale your business.

  • Highly configurable workflows to suit the exact needs of your practice and jobs. Custom dashboards let you spot potential issues early.

  • Understand the practice's workload and schedule jobs easily using the capacity planning functionality.

  • Control access to projects, features and client details at office, team or staff level.

  • See the status of every project on any device in real-time with a complete view of budgets, timelines and job progress. Ensure you never go over budget with notifications.
The practice capacity planning dashboard gives users a view of total hours, scheduled hours and available resources.
  • With an integrated General Ledger, you don't need to maintain multiple sources of truth in different systems, giving you a comprehensive and accurate view of your firm's finances.

  • Reflect your work in progress activity against job budgets, profit and loss reporting. Plus, gain insights into your most profitable areas.

  • Ensure your practice is compliant with simple and easy to use accounting, multi-entity, multi-location, and GST reporting.

  • Reduce manual data entry and speed up your accounting processes by automating bankfeeds, creating predefined expense claims, timesheets and invoice approvals.
In one view, you can see what projects are active, projected revenue and the total number of projects per client.
  • Powerful time-and-material billing capabilities and email integration so you can create and send invoices to clients directly from the platform.

  • Rid yourself of the time-consuming aspects of invoicing with payments and automated late payment reminders all managed from within the platform.

  • Reduce debtor days and 'lock up' with detailed, real-time reporting dashboards. Integrate your system with payment solutions to give your clients access to settle their invoices quickly.
See a complete view of your sales pipeline - from development to won.
  • Manage and access complex client details with multi-entry and multi-location support, all in a central CRM.

  • Capture and track new prospects as you nurture opportunities through to engagements.

  • Keep in touch with your clients with newsletters, email campaigns and notifications on mass or send to specific clients and segments with marketing automation.
The Sales Managers dashboard view allows you to see lead status by employee, total revenue per opportunity and more.
Add MYOB Advanced Payroll to your product and simplify your payroll process:
  • Streamlined payroll processing and automated workflows ensure your employees get paid accurately and on time - reducing errors and risks.

  • Your payroll system stays up to date with the latest tax obligations.

  • Employee leave and public holidays are represented in timesheets automatically.

  • Mobile and online self-service capabilities for your employees and managers mean they can check their details, apply for leave or see their payslips from any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • Every step of the process, from time entry to General Ledger posting, payment creation, tax agency submission, and payslip distribution, is managed all from within the platform - simple.
A detailed view of an employee pay run. This includes hours worked, hour accrued, superannuation and more.

Customisation, integrations & APIs

Customise MYOB Advanced Professional Services to suit your business with API integrations and our supportive Partner network.


Browser & mobile interface

Eliminate the need for multiple servers and work from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Automated workflows

Streamline workflows and reduce inefficiency with an integrated CRM, General Ledger, job management and marketing tools.


Dashboards & detailed reporting

Live dashboards with alert triggers and push notifications so you can act on events before they occur.

Recognised as a leader by experts

SaaS 2023 shortlist badge.

See how your business will thrive with unrivalled, real-time insights

Frequently asked questions about enterprise software and your practice

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? Toggle Section

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software connects every part of your business – all in the cloud. 

Our business management platform, MYOB Advanced, is powerful ERP software that brings together all your needs in once place. Financial management, CRM, account management, managing teams, managing your business compliance, work processing and more. 

Our ERP software can be tailored to provide a full 360-degree view of your business in real time, streamline your processes and automate manual tasks so you can spend more time focused on strategic initiatives that grow your business. 

What is MYOB Advanced Professional Services? Toggle Section

MYOB Advanced Professional Services is a cloud-based all-of-business management platform designed for accounting practices and professional service firms.

Featuring powerful tools to help you acquire, grow and retain your customer base, run your firm and extract critical insights to make smarter business decisions and to ultimately grow your business value. 

Tools include:

  • Work Processing 

  • Integrated General Ledger

  • Managing Practice Financials

  • Team Management

  • Account Management 

  • Business Growth

  • CRM and Marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Real Time Reporting Dashboards.

MYOB Advanced delivers all-of-business management software, in one cloud platform. It's everything you need to scale and support your growing business.

MYOB Advanced has an integrated General Ledger. Why is this so useful? Toggle Section

MYOB Advanced features an integrated General Ledger.

This powerful solution eliminates the need to maintain multiple sources of truth in different systems, giving you a complete view of the state of your accounting practice including managing your firm’s financials, your accounts payable and receivable and your firm’s profit and loss reporting. 

The integrated General Ledger also enables your Work In Process activity to not just be recorded against a job budget, but also reflected in your firm's profit and loss reporting. Gain insights from reporting which job types, for which clients, are the most profitable.

Does MYOB Advanced give me real-time visibility of my business? Toggle Section

Yes. Effectively manage your job workflow, streamline account management, drive your marketing campaigns, manage your accounting practice financials in real time and more – all in a scalable and integrated solution.

Does MYOB Advanced manage job time tracking and client billing? Toggle Section

Yes. Manage account processes accurately and efficiently and experience real-time tracking and management of job billing, time and expenses.

Have your employees, partners and contractors log timesheets anytime, anywhere. 

Flexible billing arrangements let you bill materials and labour based on the type of work performed, project requirements or customer.

How does MYOB Advanced help acquire clients and grow client value? Toggle Section

Acquire clients and grow client value with these MYOB Advanced tools:

  • Track leads and engage customer groups via targeted marketing campaigns 

  • Identify opportunities for customer growth with dashboards and general inquiries

  • Send targeted marketing campaigns with rich insights captured through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool 

  • Identify and nurture your top value clients using dashboards and flexible reporting

  • Identify where to invest effort to grow your referrers and referral rate with easy-to-use reporting 

  • Expand your acquisition and commercial capabilities with integration to Salesforce.

How does MYOB Advanced help run my practice more efficiently? Toggle Section

Run your accounting practice efficiently with these MYOB Advanced tools:

  • Save up to 10 hours a month on data entry with bank feeds 

  • Reduce debtor days using integrated email, automated reminders, payment instalment options and visibility of all your debtors and their status

  • Easily consolidate reporting from multiple entities and accounts – including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets 

  • Manage complex or simple jobs, from budget to completion easily, with intelligent project accounting

  • Compare budgets and expected revenue with actuals using the financial reports 

  • Track Work In Progress and due dates with real time dashboards

  • Manage your team’s capacity 

  • Manage complex financials and payroll on the same platform using the integrated General Ledger and by adding MYOB Advanced Payroll (MYOB’s scalable and secure cloud payroll solution)

  • Work anywhere, anytime from your smart device. 

What is MYOB Advanced Payroll? Toggle Section

MYOB Advanced Payroll is a scalable and secure cloud payroll solution that can be added to your MYOB Advanced Professional Services platform.

MYOB Advanced Payroll provides: 

Flexible Payroll

  • Reduce errors and risk with streamlined payroll processing. 

  • Quickly set up, modify, and report payroll on any browser. Plus, eliminate payroll complexity and enjoy peace of mind as MYOB Advanced Payroll ensures you always use the latest tax rates.

  • Automated workflows ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time. 

  • An all-in-one management tool to calculate finances, track labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed reports in real-time.


Stay up to date with tax obligations and new tax changes. 

Empower Your Employees

Increase employee satisfaction with mobile and online self-service capabilities for employees and manager.