MYOB encourages SMEs to take credit for what they do with new TVCs

08 Aug 2014

Australia’s leading accounting software provider is encouraging small to medium sized businesses to take credit for what they do with new TVCs and a multi-channel campaign for its new mobile payments solution MYOB PayDirect.

The TV campaign will launch this Sunday. Each of the two TV ads feature real people at work (a barber and a personal trainer) doing what they love and sharing a special moment with their customers who love what they do. MYOB PayDirect allows these businesses to take credit for what they do via card payments on their smartphone.

The multi-channel campaign kicked off last month and includes a series of online, advocacy films, direct, social media, and radio ads. The visual communications focus on celebrating the work of Australia’s economic engine room - SMEs. The concept of ‘taking credit for what you do’ is also brought to life in the radio ads.

General Manager - Marketing, Caroline Ruddick says, “This campaign celebrates the passion and success of SMEs and our commitment to making their business life easier. We want to provide them with the tools to help them manage their cash flow and business on the go, improve their productivity, and grow their customer base. By doing this we also give them back some ‘me’ time.

“One of the top pain points for SMEs is managing their cash flow. The rise in smartphone and tablet usage, coupled with easy to use mobile payment innovations such as MYOB PayDirect, can really help remedy the cash flow challenges facing many SMEs today.

“64% of Australian consumers prefer to pay for goods or services via card. More than half have walked away from a sale or service because they couldn’t pay via card. This means around 5.13 million Australians aged 16 and over could potentially be walking away from a sale or service every month.”

In one of the campaign advocacy films, one of the co-founders of Victorian-based bespoke shirt maker Saibu No Akuma, Tony Wu says, “We utilise traditional [tailor] methods but we can bring it and mix it into modern day flow. Utilising technology and utilising these aspects, we’re able to combine the two and understand how we get the best of both worlds and then provide the best experience. When we say we can take credit card payments and show MYOB PayDirect, it adds to the value proposition of customer experience.”

The company launched MYOB PayDirect in April 2014. Since then, the PayDirect web pages have received more than 30,000 visits; the PayDirect app has been downloaded more than 5,500 times and more than 1,000 MYOB AccountRight clients use the app for invoicing and contact management. 

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