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MYOB Advanced Business

Ndevr has been a trusted IT advisor to many of Australia’s household name companies across Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, Real Estate, Healthcare and Wholesale Distribution companies.

For more than 25 years Ndevr has been delivering integrated business management and ERP solutions that enable customers to automate and optimise their business processes, delivering true scalability.

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Meet the partners

Headshot of Rob Sheldrick – Head of Mid-Market, Enterprise - Ndevr

Head of Mid-Market, Enterprise

Rob Sheldrick

Over time we’ve seen the cost of acquiring an ERP system drop dramatically due to the rise of SaaS and it is robust ERP systems that enable companies to transform their operations and realise the benefits of true scalability. It’s exciting to be part of a team that can deliver the transformational benefits of ERP systems to Australia’s mid-market and next generation of big companies.