Determining the version and status of support

Versions of MYOB products

MYOB uses the “Major Release” and its related “Minor Release” detail to identify a particular version.  For example, MYOB Exo Business 8.2 or MYOB Exo Employer Services 2011.01 (AU). MYOB may provide updates which will be identified by an extension to the version number to indicate Revision and/or Build. For example, MYOB Exo Business 8.2.1.

The MYOB Product Support Lifecycle is managed at the Major Release. Minor Release level which means that all Revisions / Builds have the same status. For example, if MYOB Exo Business 8.2 is under Partial Support, so will MYOB Exo Business 8.2.1, 8.2.1 Hot Fix 1 etc. regardless of the release date of the Hot Fix.