Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Product Support Lifecycle Policy?

MYOB is continually upgrading its software by producing new versions that are made available to all clients who have up to date Annual Licence Fees.
The MYOB Enterprise Division Product Support Lifecycle policy is provided as a guideline to all stakeholders for the range of support services provided throughout each phase of a product version’s lifecycle.  By understanding the change in support services available for each release as it moves through its lifecycle, clients and partners are able to plan the management of business systems investment.

What are resource tools to upgrade to the latest General Supported version?

These are tools and resources to enable a smooth transition to the latest version under General Support.  These will be available to Transitional and Partial Supported versions to ensure clients are able to upgrade their system to the latest generally supported version.

How will I know about changes in support status for previous releases?

MYOB will provide updates to all stakeholders involved of impending releases and the affect it will have on support coverage of previous releases.  Communication of changes will be delivered on or about 6 (six) months’ in advance of any new release entering the market as well as documented in product Release Notes. 

Is enrolment in a support plan required for clients to have rights to new versions, service packs and Hot Fixes?

No, but in order to gain access to new versions, service packs and Hot Fixes, a current MYOB Annual Licence Fee (ALF) agreement must be in place.  The support plan provides technical support by phone and email for the MYOB product.

Is there a cost to upgrade to the latest General Supported version?

In terms of MYOB software, no cost is required to gain access to the latest General Supported version, other than a current MYOB Annual Licence Fee (ALF) agreement must be in place by clients.  Charges may arise from a supporting Enterprise Partner, which may result through the effort involved to upgrade, due to the age of the originating version or through any customisation/3rd party applications being used, which may need testing or updating by the Partner. 

Also, environmental requirements may change in which new infrastructure may be required, such as new operating system and related hardware requirements.  MYOB strongly advises that clients discuss and plan requirements with their Enterprise Solution Partner.

My version falls under End of Support, what does this mean for me?

The End of Support phase doesn’t mean that your Enterprise Business Solution will immediately stop working. Clients can still continue to use this version, but MYOB has withdrawn support, updates and upgrades for product versions that are in the End of Support phase. 

To reduce any potential risk that may surface, MYOB highly recommends discussing the available options with your Enterprise Solution Partner, as to the best approach, requirements and timeline to upgrade to the latest generally supported release.