ERP, Payroll and HR solutions for bigger business

From manufacturing to healthcare, our software solutions can help you reach your goals faster

Helping you shape your future with ERP systems


Greater Insight

When you have the ability to look into every aspect of your entire operation you can feel the pulse of your business. Better insight leads to better decisions.


More Control

With precise, thorough reporting and information at your fingertips 24/7 you have the control that better enables your business to plan ahead and prosper.


Increase Opportunities

One of the keys to success is to continue to grow the bottom line. It’s all about turning greater profits into greater opportunities using our ERP systems.

Tailored solutions for growing companies

From manufacturing, retail and wholesale to mining, hospitality and healthcare,
our ERP software solutions can help you reach your goals faster.


Primed for growth? MYOB Exo ERP software can help your business step up to the next level.


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Mobile, tablet and computer screen using Advanced software

Innovative cloud-based business management system designed for Australia and New Zealand.

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Greentree software on a computer screen

Running a big, complex business? Get powerful, fully-integrated ERP software that customises to your needs.


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Payglobal software on a computer screen

Smart payroll and HR management software solutions that seamlessly integrate with your system.


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Helping business think bigger

The sky’s the limit when you think big. Our ERP and HRM software has helped thousands of companies take their business to a whole new level. Here are just a few of our successful partnerships.

"One of the biggest advantages of choosing PayGlobal was its ability to interpret our various employee award conditions. This alone has saved our payroll department an astronomical number of hours per week in processing."

Nadia Lake, Group Payroll Manager, Compass Group

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