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Laboratory puts PayGlobal under microscope

With more than 600 employees, Star Retail Group has some very specific payroll needs. Unfortunately, previous payroll systems meant there was plenty of manual entry and administration. Moving to MYOB PayGlobal meant the company could gain a fast, accurate system – that also saves the company valuable time.


Founded in 1965, the Victorian Cytology Service is a government-funded pathology laboratory specialising in gynaecologic cytology. The organisation employs 140 staff and like other organisations in the Victorian public health sector, used a payroll system called NewPay/Peruse.


Losing support

Allegiance Systems, which hosted NewPay/Peruse, announced from June 2001 the payroll system would no longer be supported in Victoria. As a result, Victorian Cytology Service began to investigate alternative payroll providers.

VCS was interested in finding an economical and highly reliable solution. It was reluctant to rush into implementing a new system until it was convinced that it could cope with the complexity of Victorian Public Health Sector entitlements.


"We were very impressed with the flexibility of PayGlobal."

A rewarding solution

Since 2004, Star Retail has enjoyed PayGlobal’s (now MYOB PayGlobal) ability to easily manage the company’s extensive employee data and multiple award rate conditions.

“We have two different awards and it’s quite complicated,” says manager Cassandra Gilbert “So once the award rules and conditions are set up in PayGlobal, you don’t have to think, you can just run your reports and rely on the data being accurate.”

MYOB PayGlobal also provides store managers with the flexibility to utilise an online timesheet entry tool. It streamlines the process of reporting the hours worked by on-site employees. The online timesheet tool eliminates the need for collating and faxing paper-based reports to the payroll team, where someone would then re-enter employee hours into a database prior to payroll. 


"We are happy with MYOB PayGlobal as our provider."

Good news

After setting up PayGlobal, the benefits were clear. PayGlobal reduced the time it took to record employee attendance and translate the information into payroll.

With the new system, employees clock in and out using a magnetic swipe card which automatically imports the data into MYOB PayGlobal Time & Attendance.

Once employee attendance is checked, the MYOB PayGlobal Award Interpreter automatically processes the employee payments. This removes the need for the payroll manager to interpret timecards manually. The calculated transactions are then submitted to PayGlobal Payroll for final processing.

“We are happy with MYOB PayGlobal as our provider. We have a reliable, user-friendly system tailored to meet our present needs, and the flexibility to accommodate future changes,” says Yvonne.



  • Could not check payroll before finalisation
  • Laborious manual processing
  • System prone to operator errors


  • Reducing the amount of manual processing for payroll
  • Flexible reporting
  • Accurate payroll processes
  • Ability to accommodate changes

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