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Ramsay Health Care wanted a healthier future

Operating a large Health Care enterprise or a Not-for-profit organisation presents its own unique challenges - however the day-to-day functions of business management never change. At MYOB we understand the many challenges, requirements, complexities, problems and pains of running large-scale businesses. Take Ramsay Health Care for example. We manage HR and payroll for all the staff at the Mildura Base Hospital. The healthcare accounting software incorporates a unique feature/module called ‘Award Interpreter’ which automatically ensures staff across multiple job titles are paid correctly - in accordance with their Award rate.

Ramsey Health


Mildura Base Hospital is a private, 146-bed hospital providing public health services to the far north-western corner of Victoria. Specialty and sub-specialty services are provided in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, and Nephrology. A purpose-built Emergency Department provides a vital link between the local services and other Victorian trauma centres. The hospital is part of the publicly listed company, Ramsay Health Care.

Ramsey Health

Payroll management had become a financial pain

Mildura Base Hospital began looking for a new people management solution after being privatised. It was previously using a bureau system, but wanted to move the payroll function in-house. It was also looking for cost savings. They needed a strong support service and a company with experience in the healthcare accounting software sector. They spoke with some public hospitals to get their opinions and after much research, narrowed it down to a shortlist of two system providers, and eventually chose MYOB PayGlobal.

"We were looking for an integrated system that offered a number of components. It also had to be cost effective in terms of implementation."
Ramsey Health

A prescription for better results

Mildura Base Hospital began using MYOB PayGlobal Payroll after an implementation of just six weeks. It was a tight timeframe, but everything went smoothly thanks to the experience that MYOB PayGlobal has already gained in the healthcare accounting industry. The system didn’t need much testing because of the quality of the Award Interpreter module, which automatically ensures staff are paid correctly.

"The whole implementation has given us the opportunity to steer the process towards our goal of automation. We wanted a complete package and that is what MYOB PayGlobal can provide. Payroll does its job very well."
Ramsey Health

A solution that is fully integrated and cost effective

The system has delivered the expected benefits particularly in terms of reporting and flexibility. Previously the hospital could only get reports at the end of the month, whereas now reports can be generated whenever they want them – even on a daily basis for time & attendance tasks. Another area where the new system has had an impact is in the number of hours spent on payroll administration which has been reduced by around 10 hours a week based on two payroll staff.

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  • People management system needed updating
  • Wanted payroll function moved in-house
  • Cost savings were a consideration


  • Daily reports for time and attendance
  • Time spent on payroll reduced by 10 hours a week
  • Flexible reporting options

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