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MYOB Advanced Business helps national heritage site manage financial complexity.

Canberra’s Old Parliament House building today houses the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) and is a major tourist attraction and educational site, with over 200,000 visitors each year. To modernise their business they elected to move to MYOB Advanced Business to streamline their financial management.


A national icon, the Old Parliament House building is home to the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD). Given a new lease on life in 2009, the building underwent an overhaul to become a contemporary museum where visitors can come and discover the history of Australia's democracy. By exploring the past and present political landscape, the Museum's vision is to provide educational public programs that celebrate the success of Australia's democracy.


Slow, non-intuitive system

MoAD faced a variety of management challenges due to a growing number of visitor experiences, school tours and exhibitions. Its legacy finance system was slow and cumbersome, requiring lengthy training for new staff to be able to use it.

“We knew we needed something more intuitive and user-friendly,” says Nick Hetherington, Acting CFO at MoAD. “Our finance staff were spending too much time handling requests for information from various departments.

As well as needing a cleaner, simpler way of managing its accounts, MoAD wanted better reporting capabilities and for its staff to access information for themselves. The search began for a replacement system.

"We knew we needed something more user-friendly."

Flexible, cloud-based SaaS

With the assistance of their MYOB implementation partner, Kiliminjaro, they were able to enjoy a smooth implementation and data transfer process. 

“We liked its functionality, its simple user interface, and its flexibility,” Nick says. “Using a cloud solution ensures we have a single source of truth, which gives users a central repository for all information, saving time and reducing data errors.  Everyone is working on the same live database.”

Implementing Advanced Business enabled MoAD to reassess and improve its work processes. “In the future we need to be more efficient; we need to streamline processes, which wouldn’t have been possible unless we made the decision to move to a new platform. Now we can bring up live data so we can get straight into the interactions and the analysis of the financial data for the specific questions that people are asking.

"Without Advanced Business we would be doing the same old things the same old way."

Paperwork slashed, better oversight

MYOB Advanced Business has transformed MoAD’s financial management. “We’ve been able to easily, very flexibly, set up a range of new accounts that gives us a whole new level of detail that we didn’t have before,” Nick says.

Advanced Business has removed a significant amount of manual data entry by automating purchase orders, AP payments and AR requests. Paperwork coming into the Finance department has been cut by up to 75%.  “Under the old system, any change for a report had to be done by one of our consultants and they would usually have to come on site to do it, so it would take a long time. Now with the MYOB Report Writer we can customise reports very quickly and easily, and get them to the people who need to see them a lot faster."

Nick himself finds Advanced Business’s cloud access especially convenient. “It creates a flexible working environment where you’re not tied down to your desk; I can attend offsite meetings and still go out and have our MYOB information available.”

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"MYOB Advanced Business has opened up transparency throughout our organisation."


  • Too much manual work
  • Staffs time consumed with data requests
  • Budget tracking difficult
  • Reporting a laborious task


  • Paperwork cut by up to 75%
  • Staff empowered to access own data
  • Detailed live budgeting information
  • Reports easily customisable
  • Cloud data stored locally

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MYOB Advanced Business

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