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Moving with customers' needs

Since experiencing rapid growth, Andy’s Earthmovers’ manual systems weren’t coping with the extra load. . Since moving to MYOB Greentree, the company has streamlined operations to the extent that the CFO, Lisa Wills, believes it has saved the company hundreds of thousands in admin and staffing costs.


Andy’s Earthmovers (AEM) supplies heavy machinery for the mining and civil construction industries throughout Australia. Starting out with one bulldozer in the early 1990s, the company now has over 300 pieces of major equipment available for lease. It employs more than 120 staff and has an annual turnover approaching $100 million.


The challenge of rapid growth

AEM’s business has grown fivefold in as many years and with that growth the need arose to eliminate manual spreadsheets and unite its separate accounting and maintenance systems. Streamlining and enabling remote access to payroll was a key area to improve.

“We want to make sure we have 100% availability for our customers for the machines they need, but we also need time to maintain equipment to a high standard,” says Lisa Wills, CFO. As such, proactive maintenance systems that track the history and status of a machine would be crucial.


"We were spending far too many administration hours integrating and validating data"

Removing the clunky and complicated

A preventative maintenance program has been developed that is, in Lisa's opinion, a model for the heavy equipment sector. Segmented work orders capture the history of each machine and and its components, so AEM can quickly see when parts are due for replacement and allocate budget. Its managers and sites are now able to access live data via WebView and fitters can enter hours worked via Timesheets - Mobile, streamlining supplier invoicing.

MYOB Greentree’s Approvals & Alerts functionality provides AEM the benefit of capturing purchase order information live in the field, removing a tedious validation process that previously caused lags and unexpected costs.


"This puts us ahead of the competition in terms of responsiveness and reliability."

Clearing the way for more growth

All of AEM’s cost centres are now integrated, enabling analysis of equipment performance and labour expenditure. Invoicing is streamlined, manual processes have largely been automated and there are now live updates from the field and live data is delivered to all levels of the business.

The proactive maintenance schedules avoid costly downtime; reporting time has halved and AEM believes MYOB Greentree allows it to set new industry standards for reliability and customer service.


"I have no doubt that we can double our business and that MYOB Greentree will scale up with us."


  • Equipment downtime difficult to manage
  • Missing live data
  • Time-consuming reporting
  • System unwieldly and not easily changed
  • Separate, complicated systems


  • Proactive schedule is reliable and responsive to customer needs
  • Information available instantly
  • Reduced manual labour required to compile reports
  • Ability to control and adapt system quickly
  • Integrated systems increasing accuracy and efficiency

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