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We put Adam’s Pest Control in complete control

At MYOB we know the many complexities of running a large business with a big team of staff who deal with thousands of clients. Like Adam’s Pest Control, a company who were using an old system which, while doing its job, was holding back the business. There was no ability to track and record sales, or offer a detailed view of the entire business, which is vital when you need to assess profitability and look for ways to improve efficiency. Switching to MYOB Exo changed all that.

Adams Pest Control


Adam’s Pest Control is one of the oldest pest control companies in Australia. Formed in 1944, it now has a staff of more than 90 and includes recognisable brands like Peter the Possum Man. With over 4,000 clients per month, management is dependent on a high level of visibility over every job in order to properly understand the profitability of the business. But until recently, that was something they didn’t have.

Adams Pest Control

The old mainframe was a real pest

When you have over 4,000 clients per month as Adam’s Pest Control does, you need a high level of visibility across the business. Adam’s Pest Control had an old system that was not only too slow but offered next to no transparency, so being able to see exactly what was going on in the field was a real problem and a roadblock for potential growth.

"To describe the old process as glacial is putting it mildly. I come from a background of banking and funds management where we wrote our own programs, so you can imagine how hamstrung I felt waiting for someone else to do it."
Adams Pest Control

Pest Control without bugs in the system

With MYOB Exo, Adam’s Pest Control took a whole new direction, starting with the ability to view who’s doing what, and for how long which makes it easy to analyse all aspects of their business and profitability. MYOB Exo allows easier co-ordination of workflow management, spreading it evenly amongst staff. Also, being based on an SQL database means MYOB Exo is compatible with other systems, increasing flexibility in the back office. Furthermore, MYOB Exo Payroll was installed, making the business MYOB across the board.

"What's noticeable is how much we’ve been able to reduce our debtors. They’re probably down 30% on what they used to be, simply because it’s so easy to see them in MYOB Exo."
Adams Pest Control

The future looks bright with greater visibility

Since implementing MYOB Exo, greater visibility has transformed the way Adam’s Pest Control does business. The report writing facility helps the company keep tabs on the amount of additional work they do for clients, as well as the ability to monitor the status of jobs, ensuring what further work, if any, needs to be done and improving the customer experience. What’s more, debtors are down by around 30% on what they used to be, simply because it’s so easy to see them in MYOB Exo.

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  • Aging DOS-based system slow, especially with report creation
  • Limited transparency into the business
  • The customer experience was being impacted


  • High level of visibility across the business
  • Scalability allows for seamless growth
  • Fewer debtors, better value for money

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