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Chugg Entertainment gets VIP accounting system with MYOB Advanced Business

28 September 2023

Concert promoter Chugg Entertainment works with some of the biggest acts in the entertainment industry. With so many individual events each year, Chugg’s accounting team was struggling to keep up — until they implemented MYOB Advanced Business.


No mobility, no oversight 

Chugg needed project accounting for its tours, while also reducing the amount of manual data entry the team needed to do. 

The new system also needed to be cloud-hosted, says Chugg’s Head of Finance Deborah Bensen. With multiple tours happening concurrently in cities all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia, much of Chugg’s accounts team is mobile. 

“Without a cloud-hosted system, we were in danger of losing the knowledge and experience of our team members, just because they weren’t in the office.” 

- Deborah Bensen, Head of Finance, Chugg Entertainment

Hosted in the cloud, MYOB Advanced Business would give Chugg the flexibility it needed, allowing the team to access the system from wherever the tours took them.   

One system, multiple events 

Chugg now has all the oversight it needs, with each tour linked into one system and real-time reporting. It has also all-but eliminated manual data entry. 

“Being cloud-based means that our tour accountants can do their work while they’re on the road, and I can see, real time, how we’re tracking.” 

Additional functionality allows data to be exported to Excel, which facilitates Chugg’s reporting to external parties. Automated Inter Company Journals also reduce data entry and simplify intercompany loan account reconciliations. 

Customisable reporting was also a welcome addition, with reports that Deborah says: “matched what we were used to working with.”   

Transparency, simplicity, efficiency 

Having consolidated entity reporting in MYOB Advanced Business has saved the team a lot of time, while letting them drill down into the data. The Chugg team can report on tours recorded at a project level, and individual show dates at task level. 

“I now have confidence in our intercompany balances,” says Deborah. 

Cloud-hosting is a key benefit to the team. “Having the system online means we don’t lose the knowledge and experience of tour accounting just because it’s not based in our office,” Deborah explains.  

Before MYOB Advanced Business

After MYOB Advanced Business

Unsupported system put company at risk of significant downtime 

No integration required hours of manual data manipulation 

Limited reporting left no room for customisation 

Lack of confidence in data

Cloud-hosting offered a scalable, supported solution 

Significant time savings with full integration 

Easily customisable reports deliver timely data, providing more oversight and enabling better decision making 

Project tracking module easily handles development complexity 


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