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MYOB Advanced Business: just the tonic for Broadway Liquor

02 October 2023

After using MYOB AccountRight for a decade, Broadway Liquor outgrew the system and chose to upgrade to MYOB Advanced Business for increased capacity, functionality and remote access.

Broadway Liquor has imported exotic wines and liquors since the 1980s. Although it’s a small to medium-sized enterprise, things aren’t always simple — with complex fees, taxes and locations across Australia. 

After using MYOB AccountRight for a decade, the software could no longer meet Broadway Liquor's capacity. 

Business needs had outgrown the system 

Broadway Liquor is run by Dean Simmonds, son-in-law of the original founder. Dean explains that although the business is a small to medium-sized enterprise, things aren’t always simple — particularly when it comes to accounting.

The wine and liquor industry is affected by a number of complex taxes and fees, and because the business sells in different parts of Australia, they need to manage stock movement and warehouses as well. The Broadway team used MYOB AccountRight to manage their books for a decade, and it was coming to the end of its life. 

"The database became quite big after ten years, and the system became slow. Reporting became an issue, rolling over to new financial years became difficult. We were using MYOB AccountRight to the maximum, and it was struggling," he said.

"The complexity of it is that we have multiple warehouse sites with multiple sales prices to multiple customers with different discounts and different sales reps. It’s a matter of making sure you’ve got the correct region, the correct warehouse, with the correct sales rep. There are a lot of things to tick off.” 

- Dean Simmonds, Broadway Liquor

Upgrade, update and upskill 

The Broadway team looked at several options before deciding on MYOB Advanced Business, which offers cloud-access and customisation. 

The size of the business means they’re not using MYOB Advanced Business to full capacity — giving them room to grow.   

Broadway spent several months transferring data, customising key processes and making sure all staff were up to speed with the new system. 

As the team gets comfortable using MYOB Advanced Business, they’re discovering valuable functionality they didn’t have before – like simple stock transfers, managing different discounts, and generating accurate stock reports. 

It’s about keeping the accounting running smoothly, so the team can focus on building the business. 

"This system is cloud-based and offers higher capacity and customisation." 

Cloud access with much more functionality 

As the team gets comfortable using MYOB Advanced Business, they’re also discovering functionality they didn’t have before. 

Transferring stock between warehouses is proving helpful. Not only does this save time, but it’s increasing the accuracy of stock levels across Broadway’s warehouses.

More generally, Dean and the team have found that putting processes into MYOB Advanced Business has helped streamline their day-to-day work. As they move more processes to the system, they'll be able to store invoices and other records, which will help them meet government requirements for data retention, without the need for piles of paper. 

It’s about keeping the accounting and records side running smoothly and efficiently, so Dean and his team can focus on building the business. He explains:

“We’re definitely happy with the way it works and there is more functionality that we can utilise. I’m looking to migrate some of my other businesses to MYOB Advanced.” 


Before MYOB Advanced Business

After MYOB Advanced Business

Struggled to meet capacity 

Lack of remote access 

System slow, crashing frequently 

Increased capacity for data storage 

Cloud-based storage, remote access 

Fast, reliable system 

Managing across multi-locations 


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