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Ainscorp able to help more people with MYOB Advanced Business

19 May 2024

By upgrading to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, medical product distributor Ainscorp has been able to improve its order and inventory management processes, gain real-time data insights, expand its product portfolio, and increase sales by 6% year-on-year.

  • Centralised, cloud-based system brings Ainscorp’s finances, sales and CRM together.

  • Custom dashboards and monthly reporting provide real-time insights for better decision-making.

  • Improved order processing and integrated CRM help increase sales by 6% year-on-year.


Like many great business stories, Ainscorp began in a living room over 15 years ago. Today, the company is one of Australia’s leading distributors of wound care, ostomy and stoma products – medical pouches that collect bodily outputs and fluids. Even though Ainscorp has upgraded from lounge to office space, its purpose remains steadfastly the same – providing unique medical products that change people’s lives.

Established in 2008, Ainscorp sources its products from around the world – each one selected specifically for its quality and innovation. With 17 employees across the country, the company represents 11% of the Australian ostomy market – and it has ambitious goals to grow that market share.

When General Manager Anoop Arjun joined the Ainscorp team, the company was using MYOB AccountRight – MYOB’s business management software for small and medium-sized businesses. He shares how upgrading to an ERP, MYOB Advanced Business, has allowed the company to access real-time insights for better decision-making, expand its ANZ product portfolio – and increase sales by 6% year-on-year.

Manual processes and limited accessibility

Back in Ainscorp’s start-up phase, MYOB AccountRight had all the necessary accounting functions it needed. However, the company has grown rapidly over the last 15+ years, continuously adding new product lines, suppliers and customers.

Over time, it became harder and harder for the Ainscorp team to track and manage orders and inventory.

“We’d developed manual workarounds that involved taking orders we received by email, putting the data into an Excel spreadsheet, and then uploading it into MYOB AccountRight,” Anoop explains. "It was a basic process that worked - until it didn't."

Uploading order data this way took progressively longer, the team couldn’t process returns or exchanges, and it was next to impossible to see where batches of products were in real-time.

The system was also only accessible via one computer at Ainscorp’s head office, and only two people knew how to operate it – an accounts person and an order processor. When a sales rep wanted an update on a customer’s order or stock on hand, they’d call the order processor.

“It was an inefficient process and didn’t empower our people, located all over Australia and New Zealand, with the information they needed to make the right decisions in everyday tasks,” Anoop says.


MYOB Advanced Business the “superior” system

After a few lengthy conversations with MYOB’s customer service team, trying to “make things work” in MYOB AccountRight, it was time for an upgrade.

“At one point, MYOB said to us, ‘We think you’ve outgrown MYOB AccountRight’ – and they were right,” he laughs.

The company also considered Xero, but MYOB Advanced Business ticked more boxes. Asked how MYOB compared to Xero, Anoop says:

“MYOB Advanced Business can do a lot more, and in particular, it has CRM functionality far superior to what the Xero product could offer.”

- Anoop Arjun, General Manager, Ainscorp

Ainscorp then went through the process of finding an implementation partner. It chose to work with BusinessHub, an award-winning MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner.

“We sat down with a few providers, but we liked that BusinessHub is a family-oriented business like ours and could understand our needs clearly,” Anoop explains.

“And now that they’ve helped us implement a baseline system, we’re working with them ongoing to get the most out of MYOB Advanced Business.”

More transparency leads to efficiency gains

With MYOB Advanced Business, Ainscorp has a 360-degree view of its operations and can now see what’s happening at any point in time with a live data feed.

With that transparency, it identified bottlenecks in its order and fulfilment processes and made changes that helped it pick and pack orders faster. Those improvements have significantly impacted customer satisfaction.

“With MYOB Advanced Business, we’re turning over stock quicker and getting orders to customers faster,” Anoop says.

Beyond order management, the company is finding it easier to manage its inventory, helping it stay compliant during recalls.

“In healthcare, lot tracking is crucial. From a regulatory standpoint, if a product is recalled, we must be able to track lot numbers, and with MYOB Advanced Business, we can do that confidently.”


Data all in one place

Before MYOB Advanced Business, Ainscorp’s finances and customer relationships were managed through separate systems.

“We could see the activities happening in our CRM by a business account, but we couldn’t necessarily see that translating into dollars,” Anoop explains.

He adds that one of the biggest drawcards of MYOB Advanced Business was that Ainscorp could combine those functionalities into one centralised, cloud-based system – giving its salespeople real-time access to customer insights.

“With MYOB Advanced Business, we can capture and dig into the interactions we’re having with our customers,” he says.

“It also helps our sales team flag and prioritise accounts that require attention. They can all access this information from their devices, even when they’re on the road, and that, alongside more efficient order processing, has resulted in a 12% - or $1.6 million - increase in sales since launching MYOB Advanced Business.”

Custom dashboards provide fast, accurate reporting

Ainscorp also sees significant improvements in reporting with MYOB Advanced Business. While its previous system required manual manipulation in Excel to produce monthly financial reports, it can now generate the same reports within minutes – no data entry or spreadsheets involved.

“BusinessHub helped us set up dashboards that give us a live view of the company, not just by the day, but by the hour,” Anoop explains.

“Through MYOB Advanced Business, we’ve got so much more information at our fingertips. The next step is empowering our staff to use that data to make better decisions and do their jobs more efficiently.”

There’s no denying that upgrading to an enterprise resource planning system has added value for Ainscorp. And even its suppliers and business partners are taking notice.

“Recently, we were audited by one of our UK suppliers, and they couldn’t believe what MYOB Advanced Business was capable of. So, MYOB has also helped enhance the reputation of our family-run organisation at a global level,” says Anoop.

What’s next? Increase market share

Ainscorp has big growth aspirations. Currently, the company has an 11% market share of the Australian ostomy industry. The goal is to increase that number significantly by sourcing and launching several new products and expanding its fledging wound care range. A consolidated system and full visibility across the business is fundamental to making that happen.

“The more processes we can streamline with MYOB Advanced Business, the better. It means we can do more with the people and resources we already have,” Anoop says.

The company will also continue collaborating with BusinessHub to further integrate MYOB Advanced Business into their daily operations and to maximise their results. The next cab off the rank will be connecting Ainscorp’s online store and finding new ways to further improve its customer service.

Healthy results with MYOB Advanced Business:

  • Average 6% year-on-year sales growth – a combination of efficient order processes and integrated CRM

  • Centralised, cloud-based system – software and data online so Ainscorp can access from any device at any time

  • Real-time insights – custom dashboards and accurate monthly reporting

  • Set up to scale – Ainscorp can add modules or customisations as it grows.

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