Our marketplace connects growing businesses directly with investors to improve cashflow via invoice financing. We also work with large corporates to offer early payment to suppliers and investors who are looking for diversified opportunities

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Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices. Growing businesses need extra cash to pay suppliers, hire new staff, expand production and fuel growth. Timelio enables you to improve cash flow and receive early payment on your customer invoices.


You select which invoices to fund, when you need it. You’re not locked in to minimum or maximum funding limits, so that you have control over your cash flow.


Timelio can fund your Australian or overseas invoices, providing a flexible, trusted and personalised online service with a fast turnaround, no lock-in contract and no exit or joining fees.


Simply apply for funding with Timelio here and follow the easy step-by-step process.

1. Provide your company information and ID

2. Link your MYOB account

3. Once approved, upload invoices for funding           

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