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The Sporty platform provides websites, online registrations, member management, competition management, referee management, ecommerce and CRM solutions for the sports and education sectors. The Sporty platform is relied upon by thousands of sports clubs, associations and schools across New Zealand and Australia. It reduces paper, improves data security, and saves hours of work for schools and sports administrators.

Sporty lets sports organisations and schools accept payment online for subscriptions, membership renewals and the online sale of goods or services.  When integrated with MYOB, Sporty can automatically create account contacts and raise invoices in MYOB to avoid the need for manual entry. The two way sync between Sporty and MYOB makes life easy for bookkeepers and treasurers.

MYOB Integration

If you connect your Sporty website to MYOB, the following becomes possible:

  1. Sporty can automatically raise invoices in MYOB whenever someone submits one of your online forms (for example, when a member registers or renews or when you sell products). 
  2. MYOB can share your Chart of Accounts list (General Ledger codes) with Sporty so you can set which GL code should be used for each of the line items on an invoice. For example, you might want to code your revenue from membership fees to one GL code and your revenue from merchandise sales to a different GL code in MYOB.
  3. If Sporty creates an invoice in MYOB for a person that doesn't already have an account Contact in MYOB, Sporty can create the Contact in MYOB for you. You can decide which fields on your form are used for the Contact name in MYOB (for example, the name of a parent or a school).
  4. If you have online payments enabled in Sporty (such as Stripe or POLi) and someone pays you online when they submit your online form, Sporty can automatically mark their invoice as paid ('Closed') in MYOB for you.
  5. Similarly, if you mark an invoice as paid in MYOB, then MYOB can automatically update Sporty to show that payment has been received.
  6. If Sporty has raised an invoice for a person in MYOB, but the person changes their selection later so that the total amount payable is changed, Sporty can raise an additional invoice or generate a credit note in MYOB for you.
  7. If enabled, Sporty can read the transaction history for a person from MYOB so that you can automatically show people their payment history and current account balance in Sporty.
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