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MYOB - Maropost Commerce Cloud connector provides a seamless integration between Maropost Commerce Cloud Store and MYOB AccountRight Live.

This integration offers new features that will save hours in correcting stock level in Maropost Store or creating credits in MYOB for RMA generated in Maropost. Sync and track status of your Maropost orders and RMA in MYOB. Novel Integration allows mapping of locations in MYOB with warehouse in Neto.  

This connector syncs Maropost orders instantly based on selected order statuses. It has the ability to sync Maropost Order as a Sales Order in MYOB and then convert it to a Sales Invoices once the order is dispatched in Maropost Commerce Cloud.

There is no duplication of customers in MYOB or Maropost as a result of this integration.  Both customers and Payments are matched from Maropost Commerce Cloud to MYOB and MYOB to Maropost Commerce Cloud.


MYOB ARL   Maropost
Customers <> Customers
Sales Order/Invoices/Credits < Sales Order/ RMA
Products <> Products
Stock Level > Stock Level
Payment <> Payment
Location/Warehouse > Location/Warehouse



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