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MYOB EXO Connector - Jitterbit

Jitterbit delivers powerful, flexible and easy to use data and application integration software. With currently 600+ available connectors, there aren't many application that we can't connect to. Jitterbit is designed for the technical business analyst, allowing non-developers to solve the challenges of application data, and business process integration between on-premise and cloud systems. The EXO Connector will bridge the gap to the rest of your organisation's environment and eliminate application silos.

What can Jitterbit do for you?

  • Integrate corporate databases and CRM applications
  • Automate electronic order processes across systems
  • Consolidate corporate data to offer as a Web Service
  • Synchronize inventories across multiple partners
  • Transform data into multiple B2B formats
  • Consolidate disparate data from multiple locations
  • Eliminate manual data entry and double handling

Integrate Anything

  • based connectors for enterprise applications
  • Connect to any SOAP or REST web service
  • Complete ODBC and JDBC database connectivity
  • Large Data Volume support for record-breaking speed
  • Source Validation checks and filters data on-the-fly.

Backed by our champion support and services team, our platform is the most powerful yet simple integration platform available.

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