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  • Intelligent. Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based business management software designed to work your way.
  • Configured. We configure it to your business and processes so you can work faster and smarter, and know you’re working more profitably.
  • Easy. Heads-up is an easy complement to your team’s day-to-day work. Seamless integration of your business processes means you’ll save time, gain insight and more easily manage and control your operations.


  • Simplicity. Heads-up is simple to deploy and offers easy access and intuitive processes for your team.
  • Single-entry efficiency. Heads-up links functions such as time reporting with project planning. You only enter data once and Heads-up takes it from there. This saves time and improves client account management. It syncs with your accounting software to guarantee a single source of truth.
  • Web-based accessibility. All users can access Heads-up at all times via secure logins and based on their level of authority. With a web-based system you, and they, can effectively go anywhere and keep doing business.
  • Real-time data. Gain fast access to reports on the time your team is investing right through your business’ value-chain. This helps you improve your capacity planning, your business development pipeline, and project and revenue management.
  • Quality control. Each module is backed by a workflow-based quality control process. This includes clear delegations, approvals and accountability and gives you rapid precision and greater confidence in your business data.
  • Profit-centre reports. Reports highlight profitability at various levels of your business, including staff capacity and business development conversion rates.
  • Automation. Heads-up complements and interfaces with accounting software and automates processes between the two. For example, the creation of a new employee record in your accounting system sets them up in Heads-up; and the creation of a new project in Heads-up triggers a new accounting job number.

Who is it for?

Professional services firms that want to bill their time rather than spend it managing their business.

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