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MiSync for MYOB

MiSync synchronises data between MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft CRM Online

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight

MiSync for MYOB is a solution for directly synchronising data between MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft CRM Online.

The Synchronisation is available both one ways and is configurable according to your needs.

MiSync for MYOB is perfect for organisations whose CRM or MYOB users want information kept up to date in both systems without retyping the information.

Using MiSync for MYOB you can sync:

  • Customer Cards and Accounts/Contacts

  • MYOB Lookup Lists and Custom Lists to CRM.

  • Products

  • Price Lists

  • Warehouse Information (Classic only)

  • Quotes (Classic only)

  • Orders (Classic only)

  • Invoices and Payments

  • Time Billing information (Classic only)

  • And other related information needed to keep the systems ""in sync""

MiSync for MYOB works with AccountRight Plus/Premier/Enterprise, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. For further information and to confirm compatibility with your version of MYOB or CRM, contact Metisc.

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