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What is MYOB PayDirect?

MYOB PayDirect is a mobile application that allows you to take payments through your smartphone. Once you have the merchant facility set up, you can take card payments using your smartphone and the PayDirect Reader. The Reader accepts Chip & PIN, Swipe & PIN and Tap & Go payments.

You can download the the PayDirect app from the Apple App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for android smartphones).

How much does MYOB PayDirect cost?

The PayDirect app itself is free, and the fee for a MYOB PayDirect Reader is $225 excl. GST. There are fee charges associated with processing of transactions.

MYOB PayDirect

  • Credit card fee of 1.95% per transaction 
  • EFTPOS fee of $0.35 per transaction 
  • Credit reader fee of $125 per card reader 

*All prices above are listing inc GST. Please note that PayDirect Mobile transaction fees are invoiced by Bendigo Bank and will be displayed excluding GST (credit card transaction fees of 1.77% ex GST and EFTPOS transaction fees of $0.32 ex GST).

Who can apply for PayDirect?

Anybody who has an ABN can apply for MYOB PayDirect. You'll simply need to provide some details and apply for a merchant facility. We'll provide you with the paperwork for this as part of the application. Bendigo Bank will then assess your Merchant application and MYOB will let you know if you are successful.

Who supplies the merchant facility for this service?

Bendigo Bank is supplying the merchant service. You do not need to have a bank account with Bendigo as they will settle the payments directly into your chosen account.

You can find out more about Bendigo Bank’s terms and conditions (including response to fraudulent card use) on the Bendigo Bank website (

I already have a merchant facility; can I use PayDirect with this account?

No, PayDirect requires you to set up a new merchant facility with Bendigo Bank to use this service. Sign up now.

How long will my application take?

Once Bendigo Bank receives your application, it should take about 72 hours. You’ll be contacted if there’s any missing or incorrect information.

Why does PayDirect require proof of identity documents and what do I need to provide?

PayDirect is a financial service that requires a merchant facility with Bendigo Bank and as such, we are required to confirm the identity of the individuals and businesses applying for the service. We will be in contact with you throughout the onboarding process to help you supply this information to get you up and running.

Where can I find the User Guide and Getting Started Guide?

Answers to questions you might have about taking a payment, processing a refund or general use of PayDirect can be found in the User Guide .

For help getting started with PayDirect, check out the Quick Start Guide

How do I take a card payment through PayDirect?

To take a payment through PayDirect, connect the card reader via Bluetooth and follow the prompts on your smartphone and the card reader. The application will process the information to validate the transaction. All the transactions you take for the day will be settled as a lump sum in your bank account the following business day.

Before you can take a payment through PayDirect, you will need a merchant facility setup, an approved smartphone with the PayDirect application installed, and the PayDirect Reader.

To take a payment:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone then pair it to the PayDirect Reader.
  2. Start the PayDirect application on your smartphone.
  3. Select 'Take payment' from the dashboard menu
  4. Enter the transaction amount and follow the prompts on your smartphone and the Reader.

See the User Guide for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Which mobile device can I use with PayDirect?

Android 4+

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • HTC One Mini
  • Son Xperia Z1

iOS 8+

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

For the PayDirect service to work, Bluetooth has to be turned on and location services enabled. For iOS phones we recommend operating system iOS 8 or later.

What cards will PayDirect accept?

MYOB PayDirect accepts Visa and Mastercard credit, debit and EFTPOS cards. It does not accept American Express or Diners Club, at this time.

How secure is PayDirect?

MYOB PayDirect is compliant with the highest levels of security required by Australian banks for all credit card payments. This ensures all your customer and transaction details are kept safe.

You can find out more about Bendigo Bank’s terms and conditions (including their response to fraudulent card use) on the Bendigo Bank website.

How do I track cash payments, and is there a fee?

The MYOB PayDirect app allows MYOB Essentials and AccountRight users only to accept and record payments via cash or cheque transactions. When taking a payment, selecting cash or cheque as the ‘Payment method’ to create a payment transaction of this type.

How long does it take PayDirect to settle a transaction?

Bendigo Bank will settle overnight to Bendigo Bank accounts. 365 days a year, including public holidays. Funds will be made available to you Bendigo Bank account between 7am and 9am the next day for transactions processed prior to 11.45pm. If your account is with a Bank other than Bendigo, Bendigo will make the funds available to your Bank the next day, but it is up to your bank when they then process it to the merchants account. On a long weekend, it could be as long as 24 – 72 hours.

Will you let me know if there’s a problem with the settlement?

Yes. Bendigo Bank will notify MYOB if there are any delays or problems with depositing the funds to your nominated account.

Why do I need to charge my card reader?

The reader has its own battery. Your MYOB PayDirect Reader may not come fully charged so we recommend you charge it for 3 hours before using it for the first time. When fully charged, your MYOB PayDirect reader will perform about 5 hours of direct use and last two to four days in stand-by. Your MYOB PayDirect reader may lose its charge if you do not use it for some time. We recommend that you turn off your reader between use.

How can I let my customers know that I take card payments using PayDirect?

Let everyone know you take credit for what you do.

Download your free PayDirect marketing toolkit.


I’ve downloaded the app, why can't I log in?

Before you can start transacting, you need to be set up as a merchant with Bendigo Bank. You can start this process here.

To log in to the app the first time, enter your MYOB username and password. Access will then be via your four digit security PIN, which you set after you access the app for the first time.

What’s the signature verification code?

The signature verification code ensures you can check the signature on the back of the customer’s credit card before processing the transaction if they don't have a PIN. Before using your PayDirect card reader, you should set up a four-digit Signature Verification Code. (If you don’t, the default code is 0000).

How do I change my merchant limit?

Complete the Merchant change request form, which you will need to return to MYOB.

How do I change my business details?

You will also need to complete the Merchant change request form, and return to MYOB.

How do I order additional hardware?

Please call MYOB on 1300 793 130.

How do I add additional users?

If you are using AccountRight Live integration features then use the existing AccountRight Live invitation process.

For payments only functionality, please call MYOB on 1300 555 931.

How do I cancel my PayDirect service?

Please call MYOB on 1300 555 931 to cancel your service.

How do I make a transaction?

Log in to the MYOB PayDirect app on your smartphone. Enter and then confirm the transaction amount.

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone then pair it to the PayDirect Reader.

Insert, tap or swipe the customer's card when prompted. Ask the customer to enter their PIN on the reader.

You’ll be notified when the transaction has been approved. If the customer wants a receipt, enter their email address or mobile number.

What if a customer has an international card without a PIN?

If your customer has an international card you will be promtped to request either a PIN or a signature.

They can sign your smartphone screen with their finger.

Check the signature against the one on the back of their card.

How do I make a refund?

The customer must present you with the same credit card that was used to process the original transaction and, ideally, their transaction ID (which was emailed/texted to them).

Locate the original transaction, tap on the transaction and follow the prompts.

Note: You’re unable to refund more than the original amount. There’s no time limit on processing refunds.

Where can I view my transactions?

Go to Transaction History, which is accessed through the Settings menu.

Scroll through the records until you find the original transaction. You can also search by STAN (Systems Trace Audit Number) that is used to search on the receipt from the customer’s receipt.

How do I look up an invoice?

Looking up an invoice can be accessed in two ways:

  • Click on the Invoices tab from your admin screen to see a list of all invoices.
  • Click on a customer from within the Customer Details screen. Only invoices that relate to the selected customer are displayed.

Note: You can’t search for invoices. Invoices are sorted either by Due Date Descending (on the Due tab) or by Created Date Descending on the Paid tab.

Where do I look for a contact?

You can look up a contact from the Dashboard by clicking on the Contacts tab. All contacts are separated by type (Customer/Supplier).

You can also search contacts by name.

What if my PayDirect Reader has a fault?

In the event that your Card Reader is faulty please contact MYOB Support on 1300 555 931.

Still need assistance?

Post your PayDirect questions on the MYOB Community Forum


Call: 1300 555 931 Option 3

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