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Data in activity statements

There is a number of ways you can enter data in an activity statement.

When you add an activity statement,

  • we'll pre-fill it with ATO data: The details can be such as business details, and GST calculation period.

  • you can import ledger data: The underlying ledger can be MYOB Business or AccountRight. See Import from ledger (MYOB Business or AccountRight) for more information.

  • and enter the data manually in the labels.

ATO pre-fill data

  • Business details: The business details in the activity statement are pre-filled from the ATO's SBR database. Review all the details before continuing with the rest of the activity statement. If you need to change any business details, visit the ATO's Update your details page.

  • GST calculation period and PAYG withholding period.

  • GST inclusive or Exclusive: If the value at G1 includes or excludes GST.

  • GST Accounting method: This field will be pre-filled from the ATO and not from the GST report in MYOB Business or AccountRight.

Other fields

Depending on the type of activity statement you select, some fields may already be pre-filled. For each field, either:

  • check the pre-filled value, or 

  • type a value in whole dollars.

Summary of tax liabilities and credits

This part of the activity statement form has two sections that summarise tax liabilities and credits:

  • Amounts you owe the ATO
    This section contains some fields that are pre-filled from values you entered in the previous sections. You may only need to enter details for GST on sales or GST instalments, wine equalisation tax, luxury car tax and deferred company/fund instalment. 

  • Amounts the ATO owes you
    This section provides a summary of the amounts that can be refunded.

Depending on the type of activity statement you select, some fields may be pre-filled. For each field, either:

  • type a value in whole dollars, or

  • check the pre-filled value, or