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Selecting the activity statements periods for lodgment

If you have clients who lodge their own activity statements, you can remove the statements lodged by your client from your outstanding list of obligations.

In the Client settings, select the period you'll be lodging for your client and de-select the period the clients will be lodging themselves. 

  1. In the Contacts list, click the client's name. The Client workspace opens.

  2. Click the cog on the top right of the page. The Client settings page opens.

  3. Go to the Auto-create activity statements section.

    All the options under the Auto-create activity statements are ticked by default. You'll need to configure this filter for each of your clients who lodge some or all of the activity statement for certain periods.

  4. Select Edit details.

  5. Tick the periods that you'll be lodging on behalf of your client. De-select the periods that your client will be lodging. The next ATO report will populate the activity statement obligations as per the filters selected.
    In the above example, the filter is set where you'll be lodging Quarterly and Annual activity statements for your client, and your client will be lodging the Monthly statements themselves.

  6. Click Save.